Up Lighting and Accent Lighting Design

Nothing else can add the “Wow Factor” to your reception room more than decorative Up-Lighting & Accent Lighting. Dazzle your guests and set the perfect mood for your wedding reception with Up Lighting & Accent Lighting from Mike Staff Productions.

You will receive a custom lighting design specifically tailored to your reception room and unique wedding needs. This will be done by a qualified lighting technician & designer … not a DJ or other lighting amateur. BEWARE of companies that treat decorative lighting as an “easy add-on”. Even with low-wattage lighting design, electricity is dangerous and the results could be devastating when not handled by professionals. It takes a well-trained and experienced technician, with an artistic eye, to successfully and safely provide professional lighting design. Plus, understandably, many reception halls won’t allow unqualified amateurs to plug into their electrical circuits.


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