Communicating With Your Wedding Vendors

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Communicating With Your Wedding Vendors

On your wedding day, you will trust your vendors to execute your dream wedding plans. One of the biggest mistakes brides make on their wedding day is not communicating well with their vendors. To avoid this mistake, try some of the following strategies.


Form a Photography and Videography Plan

After the wedding day, you will have very few tangible memories more precious than your wedding photographs and video. When working with a professional photographer and videographer, it is important that you convey your vision to them so they can create the wedding keepsake you desire. Form a photography and videography plan that is built upon your unique wishes by letting them know if you prefer photojournalistic, candid or cinematic images – or a mixture of each. The more specific you are about the type of images that appeal to you, the better your photographer and videographer can capture those images. Discuss images you would like to capture through the day; poses you love and the ones you hate, but donâ’t create too large of a ‘shot list’. You want your wedding photographer and videographer to have some artistic license. That’s how he or she captured the images that made you want to hire them.


Discuss Your Musical Tastes

It’s your wedding reception and you should have a say in the soundtrack. Work with your wedding DJ to identify songs that he must play, should try to play, and should absolutely not play. While you should have input in the music played at your wedding reception, it’s not a good idea to create a playlist for the entire evening. A professional DJ knows how to read a crowd and can identify the best song to play next to keep your wedding reception rocking.



Create a ‘Loose’ Timeline

It’s important that you create a timeline for how you would like your wedding day to flow. It’s just as important to realize in advance, that you will need flexibility in your schedule. If the timeline is so tight that a red light on the way to the wedding reception knocks the whole thing off track, you’ll spend the rest of the day chasing time. Work with your vendors to identify when you would like important events to take place, such as the grand entrance or cake cutting, but allow some flexibility. You wouldn’t want to miss pictures against a beautiful sunset because the timeline says you should be visiting table 27 at that exact minute! Click here for the timeline of a typical wedding reception.


Appoint a Helper

It’s your wedding day and you should enjoy it. There will be moments throughout the day that your wedding vendors will need to verify or clarify information from your plan. Consider appointing a close friend, that isn’t a member of the bridal party, to assist your vendors. They can help identify people for family formals, move items between venues, check the setup of the wedding reception decorations, and locate people for your grand introduction. They can also be the point of contact for florists, caterers and other vendors on the day of the wedding. If you decide to appoint a bridal helper, be sure to share her contact information with your wedding vendors too.

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3 Steps to Building the Ultimate Wedding Package


1. Pick Your Wedding Photographer(s)

Whether you want ultra-creative or classic photos, our professional wedding photographers can deliver whatever kind of aesthetic you’re looking for. Each photographer offers their own unique professional approach to wedding photography, and you can pick the right one for you. The photography is just the start of the ultimate wedding package.

2. Pick Your Wedding Videographer(s)

One of the biggest regrets we hear from the over 25,000 couples we have served is that they didn’t get a professional wedding video made. Don’t let that be your regret! Like our photographers, our videographers can create cinematic wedding videos that spotlight your love. Whatever you’re looking for, our videographers will deliver a wedding video that you’ll be able to enjoy for years and share with future generations.

3. Pick Your Wedding DJ & MC

In order to capture photos and videos of the touching, hilarious and memorable moments at your wedding reception, you’re going to need the right music at the right time. The final piece of the ultimate wedding package, our DJs will bring your wedding celebration to the next level. Pick the music, don’t pick the music, create a “do not play list”, or give us no list at all, we’ll get to know you and your guests and construct a playlist that fits just right. But our DJs do more than just play songs, they bring energy to your wedding with engaging announcements, introductions and more.

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