Communicating With Your Bridal Party

Communicating With Your Bridal Party

They’ll be in the majority of your wedding photos, wedding video and when it comes time for your wedding DJ to spin tunes — they’ll be on your dance floor! We’re talking about your bridal party. Your bridal party will be comprised of your closest friends. So of course, they have your best interests at heart, but they may not know what’s expected of them when the big day arrives!. Not communicating with their bridal party is one of the biggest mistakes brides make.

Explain Their Roles

While your friends will be honored to stand with you on your wedding day, it is possible that they do not know their duties extend beyond that. Here are some of the traditional roles of the bridal party.

Best Man.

The Best Man is the groom’s aide and advisor during the wedding planning process and wedding day. He usually helps to pick out the tuxes, plans the bachelor party and helps to keep the other groomsmen on task. Think of him as the chief of staff of the groomsmen crew. Other duties include keeping the groom on schedule, paying fees and gratuities to the wedding officiant and other vendors, witnessing the marriage license, holding the bride’s ring, and giving a toast at the wedding reception.


Groomsmen. The groomsmen assist the Best Man in planning and paying for the bachelor party. The often act as ushers for the wedding reception and escorts for the bridesmaids for the day.


Maid/Matron of Honor.

Much like her counterpart, the Maid or Matron of Honor acts as the sounding board for the bride as she plans the wedding, often attending meetings or bridal shows with the bride. She will help to choose the wedding day attire, plan the bachelorette party, mind the wedding day schedule, hold the groom’s ring and give a toast at the reception.


Bridesmaids. The bridesmaids assist the bride and maid of honor when asked by helping with the bridal shower, planning and cost of bachelorette party, addressing invitations and other planning tasks. They assist the bride as she gets ready on her wedding day and asks as hostesses to guests at the wedding reception; often by being the first ones on the dance floor to get the party started.

Involve Them In the Planning

As you plan your wedding, it is likely that you will need some assistance to complete tasks such as making decorations, addressing invitations, creating seating charts and more. Your bridal party should be a great resource in helping with these tasks – if you ask. Remember, this is your wedding and they may not know how to help if you don’t tell them.


You will work with your wedding vendors to create a timeline for your wedding day. The successful execution of this schedule is dependent upon the cooperation of your bridal party. Share the timeline with them, and explain it’s importance in having the wedding you dream of, so that they have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and when. You will need their cooperation and participation for formal photographs and dances so it a good idea to explain when those will take place and what will be involved.

Thank Them

It is easy to get so caught up in the planning process and the wedding day itself. Be sure to thank your bridal party for the help, friendship and participation in creating the wedding day you dreamed of.

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