The Week Before Your Wedding

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The Week Before Your Wedding

Here's What You Need to Do

The week before your wedding is an exciting time. You can see the finish line; all of the major decisions have been made, the details finalized and the anticipation builds. Here are a few things to remember as the big day approaches.

Guest Arrivals.

It’s likely that you will have family and friends arriving from out of town. If they will be depending upon you and your family for rides from the airport, accommodations and entertainment, try to plan for this in advance. They will appreciate a visit with you, but will understand that you still have things to take care of. Acting as the official welcome to your festivities is a great job for the parents of the bride and groom. You can also create a welcome packet, either physically or by email, of local attractions, restaurants and transportation that out-of-towners might find helpful.

Drop off wedding items.

This week you will have items that need to be delivered to the right locations. Final payments, programs, place cards, seating charts, etc. will be delivered to your ceremony and reception locations. Consider asking members of the bridal party to help you with these details

Information sharing.

During the final week before your wedding, you will need to share the final timeline and plans with your bridal party and wedding vendors. Dedicate time in your schedule for these calls and meetings. Those involved in your wedding day need to clearly understand your expectations.

Wedding attire.

Assign pickups of wedding attire to the wedding party. Build in a little extra time for deadlines if possible for those who may procrastinate. This allows for final alterations if needed.

Pack your wedding day bag.

If there are special items that you want for your wedding day, such as grandma’s handkerchief, toasting glasses, cake knife and most importantly the marriage license, make sure that it is placed in a wedding day bag. Take a few moments to place these items in advance so you aren’t scrambling the night before. It’s a good idea to pack an “emergency” wedding bag too.

Ready your dancing shoes.

It’s a good idea to wear your wedding shoes some this week. This allows them to “break in” before the wedding day. If the bottom is a smooth surface scuff them a little. You can also spray the bottoms with some hairspray to give them a little stickiness.

Confirm travel plans.

If you are taking a honeymoon, confirm plane, hotel and rental reservations this week. Check the weather forecast and pack your bags.

Take care of yourself.

It’s important not to let these last few days get the best of you. Continue your exercise routine, eat well, avoid too many well-wishing toasts and get plenty of rest. You want to look and feel great on your wedding day.

3 Steps to Building the Ultimate Wedding Package


1. Pick Your Wedding Photographer(s)

Whether you want ultra-creative or classic photos, our professional wedding photographers can deliver whatever kind of aesthetic you’re looking for. Each photographer offers their own unique professional approach to wedding photography, and you can pick the right one for you. The photography is just the start of the ultimate wedding package.

2. Pick Your Wedding Videographer(s)

One of the biggest regrets we hear from the over 25,000 couples we have served is that they didn’t get a professional wedding video made. Don’t let that be your regret! Like our photographers, our videographers can create cinematic wedding videos that spotlight your love. Whatever you’re looking for, our videographers will deliver a wedding video that you’ll be able to enjoy for years and share with future generations.

3. Pick Your Wedding DJ & MC

In order to capture photos and videos of the touching, hilarious and memorable moments at your wedding reception, you’re going to need the right music at the right time. The final piece of the ultimate wedding package, our DJs will bring your wedding celebration to the next level. Pick the music, don’t pick the music, create a “do not play list”, or give us no list at all, we’ll get to know you and your guests and construct a playlist that fits just right. But our DJs do more than just play songs, they bring energy to your wedding with engaging announcements, introductions and more.

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