National Disc Jockey Day

National Disc Jockey Day

Happy National Disc Jockey Day!

“It’s National Disc Jockey Day, originally designed to commemorate legendary radio DJ Alan Freed who coined the term ‘Rock n’ Roll’.  Today, we celebrate DJs of every variety … radio DJs, club DJs, producer DJs and of course, wedding DJs.

I’m proud to be a DJ and I feel blessed to have had an opportunity to take part in so many different styles of DJing.  From my 20 amazing years as a radio DJ (most of which were at 101.1 WRIF in Detroit), to spinning in clubs; not to mention the thousands of weddings I’ve been privileged to DJ, there are very few things that compare to the joy that a DJ feels as we watch a huge crowd of people having an absolute blast as a result of what we do.

So, today, I salute all the DJs that put the music in people’s lives.  From the hard working club DJs who master turntables, to detailed-crazed Wedding DJs who keep the party going, to the Radio DJs that keep us company while playing our favorite tunes.  Thank you for making our lives more fun!” – Mike Staff, President & CEO Mike Staff Productions 

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Meet Mike Staff Production DJs

To celebrate National DJ Day we want to introduce to a handful of members on our DJ team! We asked them to answer some pretty hard hitting questions in 30 seconds…. check their videos out — we promise they’ll have you laughing out loud!

Why Kurt’s Awesome:

  • He serenades the office with his guitar playing skills (and takes requests!) 
  • He worked at 101.1 WRIF, in fact, Mike Staff helped him get the job! (They’ve been friends & partners ever since)
  • University of Michigan Football SUPER FAN (bleeds maize & blue!)
  • His hairstyles are ever changing

Why Erik’s Awesome:

  • Played guitar in a band called “Proving Ground”. (They thought they’d be as big as the Beatles.  Never happened)
  • Lover of all music (except Jazz)
  • Currently binge-watching Shameless and House of Cards
  • Proud father and husband

Why James is Awesome

  • Plays vinyl records everywhere… even in the office!
  • Remember the radio DJ ‘Hightower’ on WRIF? That James!
  • DJ’d all the Detroit Lions home games this year! (We thought he would be a good luck charm!)
  • Proud father & husband

Why Kevin’s Awesome

  • Just call him ‘Easy Rider’! When it’s not snowing you can catch Kevin on his motorcycle!
  • His (cute) dog Clover is the unofficial Mike Staff Productions office mascot
  • Was in the 2017 Red Wings Fantasy Camp and played in the final ‘official’ game at Joe Louis Arena! (He even scored a goal!) 

Why Randy’s Awesome

  • His favorite era of music: The 80’s! (He just needs the long hair back!) 
  • Military Veteran. Thank you for your service!
  • Don’t look for him on social media, he’s not on anything!

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding DJ – we get that, that’s why we invite you to be a part of the process. We hope to see you soon!

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Mike Staff Relaxing

Mike Staff is the founder and CEO of Mike Staff Productions, one of the most highly acclaimed wedding services companies in the country, providing award-winning Wedding DJs, Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videography for over 20 years. Mike serves as a Nationwide Ambassador for The, advising the wedding industry on best practices and insight into the challenges and opportunities.

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