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Our #1 goal is to make you happy and to exceed your expectations. We’ve learned an important step in the process is to help you understand what is realistic and achievable for your specific wedding. Keep in mind, that some of the most re-pinned wedding shots on Pinterest were captured in a controlled setting, with professional models with the SOLE purpose of the entire day to getting those specific shots. The purpose of your wedding day is much different. Some of the most common roadblocks to re-creating a specific Pinterest shot are this: weather, access to some locations, lighting, time constraints and other environmental limitations.
Please be aware of how neither you, nor your Photographer has ANY control over these factors.Pinterest is an excellent resource to share your style, preferences, poses, cool ideas and more with your photographer. While trying to recreate some of your favorite Pinterest shots can be fun, we suggest you tell your photographer what it is you like so much about the specific shots. This way, unexpected challenges can allow you to create something you like even better. Setting realistic expectations with your photographer prior to your wedding day will help you rest assured that you’ll get beautiful wedding photography.

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