How to use your On-line Gallery

We are happy to present your online gallery of wedding images. You may choose to share this link with your family and friends.

To view your wedding gallery, simply click on the gallery link in the email from your graphic designer.

Once you are in the wedding gallery window in your browser, click the View Gallery Now in the upper right corner.

Your wedding images have been sorted into individual collections for key time periods throughout the day. Clicking into an individual collection will expand the images into full view. In the lower left section of your screen, you can choose to view the collection in collage, highlight or thumbnail views. You may also choose to view the images as a slide show.

Clicking on an individual image will allow you to view the image in more detail. This larger view will also show the image number in the lower left of the image screen. You may also view the image as a black and white, add it to your favorites folder or place it in your shopping cart for product ordering.

To favorite an image, click on the circled star beneath an individual image. Your favorites will then be stored in a folder that can be accessed from the star image at the top of any screen in your online gallery. This is a convenient way to select images that you might consider for use in your wedding album or print ordering.

To add an image to your shopping cart, simply select the add to cart image at the lower right of an individual image. Your shopping cart can be accessed in the upper right corner of any screen in your online gallery. From your shopping cart you can choose the size of print, fine art image or photo product you’d like.

It is possible that you might like an image zoomed in or cropped differently than it appears in your online gallery as a print. To adjust the cropping of your image, you can click on the magnifying glass beneath the images in your shopping cart. By dragging the blue button handles over the images, you can zoom into the image prior to printing and be assured that the image will print as it appears on your screen by selecting update crop in the lower right of your image viewing window. You will have the opportunity to enter your gallery credit promo code prior to your order being placed by entering it in the space beneath your photo order. Your gallery credit code will be the brides last name grooms last name in all uppercase letters, without a space.

To complete your shopping cart order, select begin checkout.

After entering your shipping address and credit card information, you will have the option to add a note to your graphic designer. All images receive basic retouching prior to printing. Basic retouching includes.

Minor blemish removal
Minor stray hair removal
Minor wrinkle softening
Softening and lightening under the eyes
Teeth whitening
Skin softening

If you would like additional enhancements to your images, please reference the image number and instructions prior to placing your order in the Add a note field.

At anytime, you can return to the full collections screen by clicking on albums in the upper center of the browser or clicking on your names in the left of the toolbar above your images.

Your wedding gallery will remain online for one year following your wedding. You will receive a flash drive with all the images from your online gallery when you have completed the design process of your photography services.

Our graphic design team is committed to helping you with your wedding photography images. If you need assistance at anytime, please let us know. You can reach our team by emailing your graphic designer or calling 248-434-5575.

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