How to use your On-Line Image Viewer

Telling your wedding story is a collaborative process between you and your personal graphic designer. Your designer has created this first draft of your wedding album based upon your answers to the short design survey you completed before your wedding.

Because we are telling your wedding story, we want your input in the album design. You may choose to add or remove images, change the layout, request image enhancements and more. Your designer will work closely with you to create the album of your dreams.

Your wedding album can be accessed in the link sent to you by your graphic designer.

To navigate through your wedding album presentation, simply click the arrows in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen.

The first image that you see will be a suggested cover for your wedding album. For covers that include leathers, the second set of images will include your graphic designers suggestion of color palette, leathers and fabrics that will compliment your wedding images.

It is important to note that the first side of the interior of your wedding album will be a blank page that is not counted in the sides included with your wedding package. This blank page is required for the structural integrity of your wedding album.

Throughout your wedding album, your graphic designer will leave notes in the upper right corner of your wedding album to help you reference sides in your communication as you design your wedding album.

While reviewing your initial presentation, you may have ideas for changes. Wherever you see something you’d like to change, click right on the page, on top of the place you want to make changes. A comment box will appear for you to give us your input. Once you have added your note, click the check box beneath your comment. To view your added comments, you can click on the number that has been placed on the image or page. Changed your mind? No problem, simply click the trash can to remove the comment.

Some changes that you might consider include swapping with a different image, adding effects like black and white or color washes, rearranging album sides, changing the background, deleting sides, or anything you’d like.

To swap an image with a different one, please reference the image number that you would like as the replacement. You can find the image numbers beneath the photo in your online gallery. It is important to note that replacing a horizontal with vertical, or vertical with horizontal, will require additional changes to the side you are editing.

Our wedding albums feature lay flat slides. This means that an image that crosses the crease will still be seen in its entirety without image disappearing into the crease.

The final side in your album is also required to be left blank. Again, this provides stability to your wedding album.

Your graphic designer may present additional sides to your wedding album to show you options for the design. You are under no obligation to purchase these additional sides. You may choose to combine, remove or purchase additional sides as presented.

When you have completed your comments, please click submit comments in the lower right toolbar to submit requests to your graphic designer. Once we have received your comments, we will be in touch with any questions we may have and to let you know when your next version will be available to view.

Once you are satisfied with the design of your wedding album, you can select approve album in the lower right toolbar. This will let your graphic designer know you are ready to print your wedding album. Prior to sending your album to the printer, your graphic designer will retouch the final images and send it to your for one last look and final approval.

Our graphic design team is here to help you with your wedding album process. If you need assistance at anytime, please let us know. You can reach our team by emailing your graphic designer or calling 248-434-5575.

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