We are thinking about doing a wedding “first-look”, do you think that we should?

More couples are choosing to meet in private before the wedding ceremony, allowing for some beautiful and intimate photographs and videography to be captured. It can be a private event for the couple or shared with close friends and family. This time is a low-pressure, yet highly emotional, way to spend a few special moments as a couple before walking down the aisle. If your wedding day timeline is tight after the ceremony, a first look session can allow you to create amazing images, without sacrificing time with your guests.
A first look session can take place at the location of your choice, allowing the photographer and videographer to position themselves to get the best images of this moment. Your photographer and videographer can create the environment for this special moment and then allow it to unfold naturally. This gives you the private time to exchange looks and words without interference and direction. After you have a few private moments, you can capture additional images for your wedding album and video.

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