What is an HD digital file of my wedding and-or raw footage?

A High Definition (HD) digital file is the highest quality video of of your wedding film. This QuickTime digital file is “rendered” or produced at the same quality that the camera recorded.

A benefit to receiving your wedding video as a digital file is the option to create additional copies for safekeeping or gift giving. Because these files are not copy protected, you are free to use as you’d like. The HD digital file can also be streamed to your viewing device such as AppleTV or Roku, as well as stored on your computer or tablet.

Raw footage is every second of footage shot on your wedding day. Each couple’s wedding length varies, but most will average between 4-6 hours of raw footage. While your final edited version contains all the big moments of your wedding day, your raw footage will include everything – additional angles, more candid moments, and longer segments of time that were condensed in the edit. As this is raw footage, please keep in mind there may be floor shots, the ceiling, zooms and shakes as the videographer is framing the shot.

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