A Team Approach

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Taking a Team Approach for your Marriage!

How Taking a Team Approach will be Better for your Marriage

The word “team” often brings to mind sports. But more importantly, your relationship is a team. When you practice a team approach as a couple, you strengthen the bond of your relationship.

A couple working together as a team is a lot like two people starting an adventure. In the planning phase the two individuals are excited about what they are planning and have a dreams for a successful future. They each know the passions, dreams, beliefs and values of their own and of their partner. They have the same goal and are aware of the potential challenges they will face. A successful team assesses what they know, discusses expectations and plans for their success. This is true of sports teams, mountain climbers or anyone else facing a large task.

A happy marriage presents those same opportunities for reflection, planning and execution. While that may not sound romantic, it is the foundation of happy relationships. Plans are made with an expectation of responsibility and follow through. When challenges present themselves, a solid team works through them. This team has a history of collaboration and shared goals. They understand planning, decisions and actions are a shared experience and are sweeter when shared.

The Team Approach.

The following characteristics are common in successful team relationships.

  • Trust is the core of the relationship.
  • Mutual respect is expected.
  • Commitment is continual not just convenient.
  • Priorities are aligned with common goals and dreams.
  • Accountability is held to oneself and each other.
  • Mistakes and arguments occur, but are quickly resolved through love.
  • Grace is given freely.
  • Each partner brings their own strengths and weaknesses to the relationship.
  • Differences are appreciated.
  • A loving environment is established so each partner feels safe to be vulnerable.
  • Communication skills are constantly improved through deeper conversation and clarifying questions.
  • Personal integrity defines behavior.

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