Local Music at Your Wedding Reception

Detroit’s Soundtrack at Your Wedding

Any day is a great day to celebrate being from Detroit! One thing the mitten state has and will always be known for — MUSIC! From Motown classics to Detroit Rock n’ Roll, artists from this great state of Michigan have created music fit for every occasion including WEDDINGS! Mike Staff Productions DJ loving spinning tunes from our hometown and they consider themselves Detroit music history buffs, too! In fact, check out their Ultimate Detroit Wedding Playlist here.


Detroit – America’s Music City

Many American cities claim great musical heritage but when it comes to diversity there are few places that have distinct sound like Detroit. From Motown to Eminem, our professional wedding DJs know Detroit is a creative cauldron providing the world anthemic tracks spanning more than half a century. That’s why it’s no surprise that couples from metro Detroit are always looking to include local music flare into their wedding playlists.

Diversity as Creativity

Detroit is long known for being a diverse city, however, Detroit’s large African-American population regularly revolutionized popular music. Thanks to the Great Migration, many African-Americans with musical roots in Southern blues began turning Detroit’s Black Bottom and Paradise Valley into centers of jazz and big band music. Many legends such as Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, and Pearl Bailey found their way to these neighborhoods to showcase their music. Songs by these legendary artists are still relevant today, especially at weddings because they appeal to a wide range of guests.  Whether you decide to play these songs during cocktail hour, dinner or mixed into the main reception playlist, you can’t go wrong by including jazz, soul and big band music from Detroit.


That Motown Sound

As the Black Bottom neighborhood disappeared, Motown Records emerged as a force in R&B music. This legendary label was founded by a man working at an auto plant – Berry Gordy. Gordy is responsible for the label that includes some of the greatest musicians in the world like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross & the Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Edwin Starr, and so many more. When have you ever been to a wedding and NOT heard a song by one of these legendary artists? The professional DJs at Mike Staff Productions know Motown music is a wedding staple. However, the Motown “sound” was not confined to Motown Records; Aretha Franklin is the most famous of Detroit musicians and her music wasn’t on the Motown Label. After she passed, our DJs put together this Spotify playlist highlighting some of Queen of Souls biggest hits. As music evolved, so did Detroit. Stevie Wonder is a classic example of evolution – his catalog includes disco hits as well. George Clinton and Bootsy Collins brought funk to the masses.

Other Detroit Innovation

Some of the biggest hits of the ’50s & ’60s came from the Detroit music scene. Our DJs happen to have a playlist featuring those songs, too! Bill Haley’s hit “Rock Around the Clock” introduced rock and roll to the masses. Chubby Checker’s famous hit “The Twist” was a cover of a Detroit band’s B-side. In the 1960s, MC-5 and Iggy and the Stooges burst onto the hard rock scene. These two bands were the beginning of the punk movement. Iggy Pop’s intensity created a new musical standard, and innovators like Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, and Bob Seger burst on the scene.

Today’s Detroit Sound

Detroit always had a thriving hip hop scene despite not being as well-known as those in New York and Los Angeles. Headliners were Insane Clown Posse and Kid Rock. Yet the hip hop artist who put Detroit on the map is from the suburbs.

Eminem’s arrival at the turn of the century changed the way hip hop was consumed by fans. Quickly becoming a lightning rod for controversy due to his lyrics, today Eminem is cited by many as one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time by no less of an authority than Dr. Dre. Some of Eminem’s songs have become wedding reception anthems, perfect for the grand entrance, the bridal party entrance, even the last song of the night. Whether it’s hip hop, R&B, rock, and roll, or jazz, Detroit’s musical history is a complex as the city itself. To enjoy American music, one must appreciate Detroit, our wedding DJs certainly do.


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