What to do with “The Dress” after the wedding…

Did yesterday’s Trash-the-Dress video spike your interest for after-the-wedding dress options? If so, here are some new, old, borrowed, and maybe even blue idea.

1. Have it cleaned and preserved. Do this if you have hopes that your daughter will wear it someday. Professional preservation can costs between $120 and $200. Check at your local dry cleaner to compare prices.

2. Stash your wedding dress back into its hanging bag and stuff it into an unsuspecting closet.

3. Sell your dress. Try a consignment store or eBay! Many of those budget brides are happy to buy your one-time-used dress for a fraction of what you paid. NOTE the fraction amount. The new bride will still have to get it altered and cleaned for her big day.

4. Donate it to a great cause. This is one of my favorite options. There are plenty of to-be brides out there scavenging thrift shops in search of their fairy tale dress. Encourage your bridesmaids too donate their dresses as well. We recommend Hope Closet. They are an organization that gives dresses to high school girls who can’t afford a dress to wear to their prom, homecoming, or other special high school event.

5. Make a new dress … out of your wedding dress. You love the fabric, it is fitted to your every curve, and you feel beautiful in it. Why not make it into the ultimate cocktail/ party dress? Have it hemmed to tea dress length and add some punches of color like a great bow, colored straps, or… if you dare … have the entire dress died to a new color.

6. And of course… Trash the Dress. Yesterday’s video is a real answer to the “What to do with the dress now?” question. Make a day out of it. Bring a photographer and make some great memories!

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