Registry Must-Have: Organization

With the average age for a first wedding in Michigan being 28, it is safe to say that most engaged people have at least an apartment or two of household items already.

This was definitely true of Marta and her new husband. Now in their first house together, and the only thing they seem to lack is a place to put everything. That is why she came up with these must-have items to add to your registry.

Guaranteed to ease the transition of two (households) becoming one.


These organization systems are a breeze to put up, and maximize space like no other. Register for this at Lowe’s for a fraction of the cost of The Container Store or Ikea.


This new line of hangers from Real Simple are amazing. Half the space of traditional hangers (there is room for both of you in the new closet), plus they keep even sweaters hanging perfectly. Add them to your Bed, Bath and Beyond registry.


Take advantage of under the bed space with this great wheeled storage. Perfect for linens and off-season clothes. You can register for these at Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond or any hardware store.

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