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Seating charts may sound like a lot of work, but they can help to set you and your guests at ease. Here are a few reasons to consider creating one.

People like knowing where to be. Guests can immediately relax when they know a seat has been reserved for them. They don’t have to think “am I sitting too close” , “should family be at this table” or “how am I going to make small talk with people I don’t know”.

It shows you considered your guest comfort. Some of your guests may possess the social skills to mix with any group. And some may be shy around new people. When you consider the personalities of your guests, you can select the right mix for the table. Similar careers or hobbies give your guests a starting point for conversation.

Assigned seats help ease tense family dynamics. Parents divorced? Or maybe the bride’s Uncle Tom is an outspoken Republican and the groom’s Uncle George is a fervent Democrat. Assigning seating ensures your wedding won’t turn into a political debate.

Escort card tables are a great way add personality. If your wedding will have a theme, this is a great spot to show it! Consider using places you’ve visited, important dates in your relationships, or concerts you’ve shared to identify the tables.

It gives you a chance to introduce new friends to old ones. You’re wedding dinner is the first time you will have the opportunity to blend your previously separate lives. Consider seating your grandparents together, each of your college roommates or coworkers.

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