The History of Wedding Rituals

Some of our favorite wedding rituals have some interesting origins. Here’s the story behind a few of them to consider when planning your wedding photography.

Candle lighting. In some Christian faiths, the bride and groom each hold a lighted candle and together light a third, known as the unity candle. It is a solemn ceremony symbolizing the joining of two souls to make one.
Kiss. In ancient times, Roman agreements were sealed with a kiss. A bride and groom are thought to exchange souls during their kiss in many of today’s cultural traditions. Once the kiss is performed, the marriage contract is said to be binding.
 The toast. Hold onto your lunch. It’s called a toast because the French used to place a piece of bread in the bottom of a wine goblet, to impart flavor. Each celebrant drank and passed the goblet to the next hardy soul. The person for whom the toast was given would drink the goblet dry while slurping up the toast. Not just for breakfast, anymore!
 Garter toss. In the 14th century, it was customary for the Groom to remove the Bride’s garter and throw it toward the single men in attendance. Legend said that whoever caught the garter would be next to marry. At the often-rowdy party following the wedding, a few drunk and impatient men would occasionally try to remove the Bride’s garter before the Groom had his opportunity. This ritual is being replaced by gentler, more modern affairs.

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