What You Need to Know: Wedding Invitations

Invitations go beyond notifying your guests about the time and location of your event. They can be a great way to set the stage for what type of event you will have. Is your wedding reception going to be colorful and fun? Consider adding some whimsy to your invitations with dots and color bursts. Is your wedding a formal affair? Raised printing in simple, elegant script will set that expectations. Regardless of the style, there are a few things you’ll need to consider:

Each guest does not require their own invitation as they are often a couple, which requires only one invitation. A simple formula to use is to divide the total number of guests in half, then add 25-30 more for the single guests. For example, 200 guests would equal 125-130 invitation sets.

Families invited with children under 18 years of age only need one invitation. However children over 18 should receive a separate invitation. It is your decision to make if you choose not to invite children to your reception.

If you have a Second List order enough invitations for these possible guests. A second order for a small quantity can be expensive.

There are three main, print textures to choose from; offset, thermography, and embossing. Offset is the most frugal because the lettering is flat. Thermography is raised printing, and embossing features text and images are pressed into the paper, making this option the most expensive.

The most basic options include single layer, multi-layer, pockets, or three-dimensional invitations. You can customize each of these styles with different paper stock and paper color.

Your postage costs are determined by the weight and shape of your invitation. A typical 5 x 7 invitation set costs $0.69 to mail, plus an additional $0.49 for the postage on the response envelope. Ask your printer to give you the dimensions and weight so you can compare with post office charts so you aren’t surprised.

7872D197-3F26-4DB8-8EEC-1A2983533165@hsd1.mi.comcast.net.ADDITIONAL PRINT ELEMENTS

Each of these items are optional, but you should decide in advance if you want them. Your printer may be able to offer a discount when ordered with your invitations.

1. Save the Date announcements (often available from your photographer!)
2. Envelope addressing (hand or machine calligraphy)
3. Ceremony programs
4. Place cards and/or Seating chart
5. Menus or donation cards
6. Customized table identifiers
7. Thank you notes


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