Heart to Serve: Haiti 2012 – Day Two

It was a great day in Haiti. We visited the children of LaCoste Orphanage. The children are so affectionate & sweet. We played with kids most of the day. Then went to a crazy-rowdy church service where 40 people were baptized. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

Everyday things that we take for granted are so different here. This is a Haitian gas station. A propped up table with gas in plastic containers.

Haitian women do not have access to prenatal care. These are called “Mud Cookies” because, well, they’re made of mud, butter and salt. Supposedly the soil they’re made from is rich in nutrients. Pregnant Haitian women are encouraged to eat them to keep thier calorie intake high while pregnant and because they have very little else to eat. In reality, they hold very little nutritional value, but they help to keep Haiti’s poor alive. Can you imagine?

Tomorrow we’re off to LaCoste School to build a playground. The kids have never even seen a swing set. They’re going to flip out!


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