Military Wedding Protocol

The majesty of a military wedding is a heart-moving experience and Mike Staff Productions has been honored to provide wedding DJ, Photography and Videography services to many members of our military. The ceremony, respect for tradition, and recognition of sacrifice touches all that attend. Their unique nature adds to the beauty of a wedding day. Military weddings are an honor reserved for any man or woman — whether enlisted, officer or cadet —who is serving or has served in any branch of the United States military, each branch having their own unique traditions.

A couple can decide what level of formality and tradition they would like to incorporate in their wedding. The couple can choose a civil service or a military chapel. They may choose to wear dress uniforms, or simply add elements of a military wedding.

Military Dress

Dress military uniforms are often the most visible sign of a military wedding. Most service women opt for a more traditional white dress, while military men might may wear their uniform for the day or choose to wear it during the wedding ceremony, changing to a traditional tuxedo for the reception. If he chooses to wear the uniform, he will usually drink moderately, doing nothing to dishonor the uniform he wears. It is important to know that nothing may be added to a uniform – that includes a boutonniere.

The couple can choose to wear “Mess” or Class A uniforms. The “Mess” uniform would be appropriate for a formal or black-tie wedding . The Class A uniform is well suited for semi-formal events.


A nice way to pay homage to military branches is to incorporate the branches colors into your wedding color theme. This can be done through bridesmaids dresses, bouquets, and table linens. Many couples choose to make a donation to military charities in lieu of guest favors, simply announcing the donation on place cards.

Saber Arch

Military weddings often include a saber arch for the couple to walk beneath. Each branch of the military has protocols that must be honored for the timing and location of a saber arch.

Seating Considerations

Special consideration is given to the seating arrangements of high-ranking military officers. All military guests may be seated at one table or the may sit among civilian guests. If they are seated among guests, they should be seated very near the head table as a sign of respect.

Additional Information

A military wedding is rich in tradition and history, and few compare to their beauty. If you are considering a military wedding, the local base protocol officer or chaplain can provide additional information to ensure your choices are in compliance with current military requirements.

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