Enjoy Your Wedding Reception

The stress of the ceremony is gone. The formal photography is complete. Now you can just enjoy the wedding reception. Or can you? You need to check the decorations, visit with family, remember the timeline, the list goes on and on. Instead of worrying about all the details, enjoy your reception. Here are some tips to make your wedding reception more enjoyable.

Sneak a peek. If your timeline allows, sneak into your reception room before the guests are allowed to enter (click here for reception timeline info). This allows you to get a look at how beautifully your planning came together in your fully decorating banquet room. Knowing that the room looks perfect will set your mind at ease.

Take a moment. Before you enter the room to thundering applause for your Grand Entrance, take a moment to toast each other; sneak off to a private corner, glasses in hand, and share a wedding day wish for each other. While it may only be a brief moment, it will be one you remember.

Eat Something. While it may sound simple to do, make sure you eat. Often bride’s are nervous or excited so it’s hard to sit down and enjoy your wedding dinner. But you’ll need to eat dinner if you plan to drink champagne or dance the night away.

Rescue Me. We all have that well meaning friend or relative – the one who monopolizes your attention regardless of the event. Ask your maid of honor or bridesmaids to help you move through the crowd. When they notice that you may be stuck a little longer than you want, they can help you out by saying “So and so want to share their wishes with you before leaving” or whatever will work in the situation. You might want to work out a distress signal in advance.

Party Responsibly. Your wedding reception is truly the party of your life. While a glass of champagne may help to relax you, don’t drink too much. Alcohol will enhance any feelings of exhaustion and will blur the memories of this great night. If you don’t eat enough dinner, increased consumption will also make you more lightheaded than usual.

Escape, But Not For Long. If you feel like you need a break from the party, it’s okay to take one. Be sure to let someone know you will step out for a moment and for how long. But be sure to come back quickly, your guests want to enjoy your wedding reception with you.

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