Finding the Perfect Wedding Vendors

You have the perfect fiance, your inspiration boards, wedding planning books and theme all set. Now it’s time to find the right wedding professionals to execute the plans for your dream wedding. A great place to start is recommendations from friends and family (Click here to the see what brides have to say about us). Once you have recommendations from friends, here’s a few ways to learn more about wedding vendors.

Get Social. Facebook and Twitter make it easy to ask for referrals and opinions through your social network. You can also “like” or “follow” a wedding vendors’ social media page. This is a great way to learn how involved they are in weddings and the wedding community. Do they regularly update their social presence? Do they post relevant, engaging content? Are they knowledgable about wedding trends? If their social presence is built entirely upon selling their service, that may indicate what your dealings with them will be like. A company’s social presence is a good insight into their business practices, passion for their work, and knowledge of their craft. (Visit our Facebook page for wedding tips, articles and fun discussions.)

Professional Referrals: Once you have selected your wedding reception venue, they can be an excellent source for referrals for your wedding day, as they see DJs, photographers, videographers, florists and more each week. They want your wedding to be a successful event and can recommend a professional to make that happen. While experience at a venue can be a great thing, make sure any vendor doesn’t have a predetermined idea of how it “must” be a venue X. If a wedding professional isn’t open to your unique ideas, the day is about them not you. They should offer advice based upon experience without dismissing your perspective.

Portfolio: Viewing a wedding vendors work can help you to decide if you like their style, but are you looking at their style or their clients? A portfolio that shows a range of work shows that a company has multiple offerings and is willing to diversify their products to meet your expectations. If the work that you see is consistently similar, it is likely that you are seeing what the wedding vendor considers to be their standard of work. Neither approach is wrong, but is something to consider. Either way, the work should show the same level of detail and quality.

And The Award Goes To…If a company consistently wins awards from wedding industry leaders, it’s a good indication of the professionalism and expertise of the wedding vendor. If those awards are voted on by actual brides, it’s even better.

Website. A website is an online business card. It shows a business presence and tells you something about the vendor, their services and business philosophy. Is the website informational? Does it have a professional design? Is it easy to navigate? The level of care the wedding vendor takes in presenting their work is indicative of the level of service you can expect.

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