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The colors you choose for your wedding day will be the basis for many of your wedding day decisions; from bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, table linens and more. Choosing the perfect color can be tricky though. Here’s some ideas to get you started.

  • Consider the venue. Beach weddings pair nicely with turquoises and beiges. A barn wedding might feature reds and oranges.
  • Go with seasonal colors. A Christmas season wedding often has touches of reds; early spring soft pastels.
  • Consider the feel you would like for your wedding day. A black and white event can be quite elegant, while a bright yellow theme invokes energy.
  • Think about your favorite outfit and how you feel when you wear it. Does that match the vibe you would like for your wedding day? If so, go with it!
  • Use a color wheel or paint chips to lay samples of colors in front of you. Are you instinctively drawn to a particular shade? Consider using it as your foundation color and building from it with either a complimentary or contrasting shade. You could also choose a monochromatic look by layering slightly differing tones of the same color.
  • Limit your color choices to two or three. Any more than that may appear too busy.
  • Before finalizing your color choice, think about how it looks with natural skin tones. Your bridesmaids will thank you.

Where to use color:

  • You can begin to share the style of your wedding day with your save the date cards and again for your wedding invitations. Use your wedding colors as part of the design.
  • If the color isn’t too bold, you can select attendant’s attire in your wedding shade. If the color is too strong for such a statement, you might want to consider it as an accent color for shoes, ties, jewelry or other accessories.
  • Flowers are an excellent way to continue your wedding theme and colors throughout the day; providing a continuous visual from ceremony to reception.
  • Cake accents such as ribbons, cake topper, embellishments and frosting colors are another opportunity to present your color choice.
  • Table linens can be a foundational piece for decorating your wedding reception location with your color choice.

Popular color choices by season:

Winter: All white is popular during this stark season; often seen with stylish accents of silver or purple. Metallic colors such as gold accent reds during the holidays.

Spring: Soft pastels are often the color choice for a spring wedding. Those same shades can be punched up with corals, spring greens and hot pink.

Summer: Summer foliage is full of color and so are the weddings. Sunshine yellow, cobalt blue and jewel tones make beautiful seasonal appearances.

Fall: The splendor of a Michigan fall is often reflected in this season’s wedding colors. Burnt orange, deep red and sunflower yellow are perennial choices for the fall bride.

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