Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

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Traditionally, the groom’s parents would host (read pay for) the wedding rehearsal dinner. This would include selecting the location, inviting the bridal party and other guests and give toasts. More recently, the wedding rehearsal dinner expectations have changed. Here’s what to expect:

  • The rehearsal dinner can be a backyard BBQ, themed outing such as bowling, or a very formal event. This is usually decided by the party paying for the event; if both parents are contributing to the cost of the wedding, it is acceptable to share the cost of the rehearsal dinner as well.
  • The groom will typically give a toast if the bride and groom or the groom’s parents are hosting this event. He should express gratitude for the rehearsal dinner and excitement for the wedding day.
  • The father of the groom also gives a toast at the rehearsal dinner. It is one of well wishes for the couple and joy of the bride joining his family. The parents of the bride do not usually toast at the rehearsal dinner unless they are contributing to the cost. The father of the bride usually toasts at the wedding dinner however.

If your ceremony location does not allow for a rehearsal, or the rehearsal is a run through the day of the wedding, you can still gather before your wedding day. This congratulatory dinner is a chance for you and your bridal party to spend time together in a less formal environment. This is an excellent time to express your thanks for the bridal party helping you with your wedding planning.

If your rehearsal dinner will take place the night before your wedding, it is a good idea to share a toast and then switch to a non-alcoholic beverage. It’s a good idea to ask everyone to limit consumption so they will be fresh for the wedding day – and wedding day photos!

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