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While your wedding day will reflect your personal style, some couples want the ceremony to as well. A major way of doing that is to write your own wedding vows. Your wedding vow is the agreement that you enter into as a married couple. Most vows include a professions of love and promises for your lives together. When you write your wedding vows, you can also add personal touches. Here’s how to get started:

Identify Your Style

Will you each write separate wedding vows? Will you compose vows that you both agree to recite? Will you write vows that you each state a line of? Or will you each make a personal statement that is followed by the more traditional vows? The choice is yours.

Identify The Tone

Are you into solemn expressions of fidelity or light hearted professions of love? Do you share a favorite song or poem you would like to work from?

Discuss with your fiance what tone you would like for your vows. There isn’t a tone that you must use, but it’s best if you agree on the type of message you’d like to express. Keep your vows brief; wedding vows are typically one to three minutes long.

Components of Vows

Vows are often words of fidelity, unity and undying affection. Some couples choose to include family, support, or a favorite memory. You can also include humor, such as “I promise to always watch football with you”.

Ask for help

Your officiant or wedding planner may be able to suggest vows, poetry or samples from other clients who wrote their own vows.

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