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When selecting a venue your wedding ceremony, there are many factors to consider. Whether you hold your wedding ceremony at a church, hall or outdoor location there are pros and cons to each. Here are a few things to consider when selecting your ceremony location.



  • Outdoor ceremony locations are often less expensive than indoor.
  • You can choose to have a secular or religious wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding photographers and videographers have no restrictions.
  • The natural backdrop allows you to keep decorations to a minimum.


  • It may be necessary to have an indoor backup plan if there is inclement weather.
  • You will need a separate location to get ready.
  • You may need to rent chairs for guest seating.
  • Electrical service may not be available for your officiant or wedding ceremony music.



  • A church is an obvious location for your wedding ceremony if you want a religious wedding. The church will add a traditional, formal tone to your wedding ceremony. Many churches offer a beautiful backdrop; making them budget friendly as you will need fewer decorations.
  • Many families have a tradition of attendance at a particular church and will appreciate the continuation of a wedding ceremony at this venue. Older family members often prefer church ceremonies.
  • If your church offers a bridal suite, you can forego the cost of a location for getting ready for the ceremony.


  • Some churches may require church membership or additional classes prior to your wedding ceremony.
  • If you are an interfaith couple, or one of you is not particularly religious, the decision to hold your wedding ceremony at a church can be difficult for your fiance or his family.
  • Churches may have rules and regulations regarding decor. They may also have restrictions regarding wedding photography and videography. It is important to have an understanding of these restrictions in advance.
  • Churches often have other events such as memorial services and mass that can affect the time of your ceremony.


  • Halls will typically have fewer rules and regulations regarding placement of wedding photographer and videographer.
  • You have the choice of secular or religious ceremony.
  • You and your guests may find one location more convenient. It is also budget friendly as wedding day transportation is not needed.
  • The hall may be willing to negotiate the rate for additional time if needed.


  • Some religious officiants will not conduct a wedding outside of the church.
  • If the hall has multiple rooms, there may be additional events at the same time as your wedding ceremony.
  • You may incur additional fees if you are extending your time at the hall to accommodate your wedding ceremony.
  • You may need additional decor to stage the wedding ceremony area.

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