Wedding Reception Centerpieces

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Choosing the wedding reception centerpieces is a task couples both love and dread. What you choose will be a focal point of the room and will live on in your wedding photography and videography. Inspiration can be found on Pinterest, wedding websites and every magazine, but how do you choose the right reception centerpieces? Here are some tips to get you started:

Be consistent. If your wedding day has been built around a particular wedding theme or color scheme, choose a centerpiece that is consistent with that design.

Consider variety. There is no rule that says you must have the same centerpiece at each table, but you do want them to coordinate. Feel free to mix centerpieces of varying heights.

Be budget conscious. The cost of centerpieces can fluctuate wildly. Blooms that are grown locally or in season are always more budget friendly than imported flowers. If you have an inspiration piece, ask your florist what they would recommend to keep the feel, but reduce the cost.

Fit the feel. If you are having a rustic wedding, mason jars of wild blooms are perfect for your reception centerpieces. A more formal event might dictate the use of roses, crystals or larger pieces.

Be mindful of height. Guests will be able to converse better when they can see those on the other side of the table. Shorter centerpieces or elevated arrangements work best for conversational flow.

Think beyond flowers. Feathers, branches, fruit displays, hurricane lamps, candelabras and bird cages are all alternatives to flowers and very trendy.

Go vintage. Using a variety of pitchers, depression glass or tea pots is perfect for a vintage wedding theme. As a bonus, these can be picked up inexpensively at garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets.

Memory-scape. Framed images from your childhood and dating period surrounded by votives provide great conversation starters as your guests reminisce about their history with you.

Think seasonally. Allow the season of your wedding to guide you on your reception centerpiece choices. Pumpkins and sunflowers are perfect for a fall wedding, twigs and berries for winter, soft pastels for spring and vibrant hues for summer.

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