What’s Your Wedding Day Style? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

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What’s your wedding day style that will be captured in your photos and wedding video? Take this quiz to find out if your style.

You prefer gatherings that are:

A. Formal with meaning.
B. Large and organized.
C. Casual and cozy.
D. Fun and unusual.

You think of your wedding as:

A. An occasion to celebrate with family and friends.
B. A social event for family, friends, and associates.
C. A quiet time to share with special friends and family.
D. An fun party you want all your friends to participate in.

What is most important to you:

A. Pomp and circumstance.

B. Substance and style.
C. A private family event.
D. Something unforgettable.

Your wedding budget is:

A. Sufficient, but restrained.
B. The sky is the limit!
C. Limited, but balanced.
D. Small, but you wanted to DIY anyway.

When guests see your wedding decor, you want them to think:

A. Regal and refined.
B. Opulent and chic.
C. Rustic and elegant.
D. Fresh and hip.

Your dream wedding location is:

A. Old world castle.
B. Penthouse Loft.
C. Botanical Garden.

D. A modern art museum.

When it comes to your wedding gown, you say:

A. Ball Gown.
B. Modern mermaid.
C. Vintage.
D. Rocker chic.

While planning your wedding, the priority is:

A. Honoring the true meaning of the celebration.
B. Creating the perfect look.
C. Sticking to my budget.
D. Having the time of my life.

Your dream wedding hair style is:

A. A classic twist
B. Perfectly styled
C. An upswept bun
D. Free flowing

You would describe your personality as:

A. Traditional.
B. Perfectionist.
C. Relaxed.
D. Eclectic.

When plans change, you usually:

A. Rethink my plan
B. Have a bridezilla moment!

C. Adapt
D. Relish the adventure

Your wedding gown priority is:

A. The color and style.
B. The exclusive look or name brand.
C. The price tag.
D. Something totally different

Count up your letter scores to see which style is most like you.

If you chose mostly A’s

Your Style: Traditional Elegance

Your wedding day revolves around the significance of the marriage itself. Your wedding day isn’t short on style, but focuses more on the joining of your families. It’s important to you to prioritize your wedding reception budget because that’s where you will join family and friends.

If you chose mostly B’s

Your Style: Design Diva

Money doesn’t matter when it comes to your big event. Your wedding day will be the social event that is talked about for years. Wedding day photos that capture the ultimate are important to you.

If you chose mostly C’s

Your Style: Budget Savvy

While the budget is a priority, you don’t sacrifice beauty or style. With some smart planning and budget friendly options, your wedding day will be your dream day without the big spending.

If you chose mostly D’s

Your Style: Fun and Funky

Your guests have never been to a wedding like yours. A little bit vintage, a little bit rock n roll, your wedding day reflects your personality – and you wouldn’t have it any other way!

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