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Expect More From Your Wedding Video

Your finished wedding video is much more than simply a series of edited video clips with wedding music. It will be a living memory of your wedding day. Each video production we create is as unique as the couples who “star” in them. However, here is a general idea of what to expect in your fully edited video…


First off, all video will be shot with High Definition (HD) cameras and edited in sophisticated HD editing suites. These cameras have up to 5 times better picture quality than Standard Definition (SD) “3-chip, broadcast quality, digital” cameras that most area videographers still use.


Each client has unique needs so we let you choose the coverage that is right for you. We offer packages with either one or two videographers or ceremony location coverage with one videographer. Whatever your need, our team can create the video that is perfect for you.

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Pre-Ceremony Footage

Some of this footage is truly priceless. Feel the excitement leading up to the most important moment in your life. What was your fiancé doing, saying, and feeling moments before the “I do’s”? This chapter includes your arrival to the church, extensive shots of the bride & bridesmaids getting ready, groom & groomsmen pre-ceremony activity, parents of the bride & groom talking to their kids, video messages from the bride and groom to each other, and much more.

Ceremony Coverage

Your ceremony will be recorded using High Definition (HD) cameras for superior clarity and color. The cameras will be strategically and inconspicuously placed in the church to capture the entire event. No obtrusive lights will be used so as not to distract from the event. Sound will be recorded with the finest wireless microphones so you won’t miss a word. You may choose to have this included in your final product as long or short form. Both are fully edited; long form includes every moment of the ceremony; short form is the highlights of the ceremony.

Post Ceremony Coverage

Relive your joy (and relief) as you first become “Mr. & Mrs.”. This coverage includes the signing of your marriage license, video coverage of you taking pictures at the church and any down time you may have together.

Between Ceremony & Reception Coverage

Some couples plan an activity between the ceremony and the reception. It could be pictures in a park, a limo ride or a few drinks in a favorite pub. This is often very fun footage because you and your bridal party are relieved that the pressure of the ceremony is over and excited about the reception to come. Of course, it will be edited to be “family-friendly”.

Pre-Reception and Cocktail Hour

In most cases, you will never see how beautifully your room was decorated before being open to guests. You’ll have a living memory of the location, wedding cake, and the neatly decorated tables with centerpieces. It is also likely that you will miss the cocktail hours. You will enjoy watching your two families blend into one in the moments before the reception.

Grand Entrance

Most people will only receive one standing ovation in their entire life and this is it…the Grand Entrance into your wedding reception. Everyone that you care about will be in the room at this time and this will be a moment that you will want to relive again.

Cake Cutting

This and other wedding traditions will be captured and edited with music of your choice.

Toasts & Dinner Prayer

It’s instantly classic footage and you will cherish this chapter for life. This is a perfect example of why video is so important. See and hear your best friends toasting your love. Often parents will speak; then in 20-30 years you’ll find yourself watching this over and over. Same with grandparents or relatives who may be asked to speak or bless the meal. All audio is digitally recorded and is crystal clear.

Bridal Dances

These moments will be some of your happiest, and you’ll want to remember them. Includes the bride-groom, bridal party, father-daughter, mother-son and any other special dances you may want to include in your evening.

Party Footage

You can’t be everywhere, all the time; and that’s why you’ll love seeing this footage. After their wedding, most brides will hear about fun stuff that happened and they missed. Video captures these fun moments forever. We will have a videographer positioned at the dance floor throughout most of your party and he will be in a perfect position to film everything fun and memorable that happens.

Highlights Video

Enjoy a recap of your day. This is a great way to introduce the video to your friends and family…it’s quick and emotionally charged. Beautifully edited with music. A real tear-jerker!

HD Flashdrive Presented in Keepsake Package

We will present your edited HD flash drive in a black leatherette keepsake package. Some companies will go as far as copywriting YOUR video, making it illegal for you to make additional copies yourself. We think this is a rip off and quite frankly, unethical. We will NOT copyright your video, allowing you to make as many copies as you choose. Of course, if you would like additional copies in the keepsake packaging on standard DVD or BluRay we would be happy to make those copies for you at a nominal charge.

Guaranteed 12 Week Delivery

Most southeast Michigan wedding videographers take 6-9 months to complete your video. They claim that since it takes 30-50 hours to edit the video, it only makes sense that it may take months to receive the final product! That’s why we employ a full-time wedding videography team of professionals. Mike Staff Production’s Videography service is raising the bar in Michigan. We guarantee that you will have your video within 12 weeks* after your reception!

* If we do not have your edited treasure back within 12 weeks after your wedding day, we will pay you $100! All you need to do is make sure you have provided us with your music selections, pictures, etc. before your wedding and we will commence editing immediately!

Some other things that you can add…

While we pride ourselves in having the most value-packed, all-inclusive wedding videography packages in Michigan, there are still some extra’s that you may want to include for an additional fee.

Your Love Story

Your kids and grandchildren will absolutely love this. Shot prior to your wedding day at a park or other beautiful setting, you and your fiance will be able to tell the story of how you met, what your first date was like, when you fell in love, how he proposed, what you love about each other and more. Wouldn’t you love to see such a video of your parents or grandparents? What would they look like and sound like when they were young? How did they meet? Do you really know their story? A keepsake your family will cherish for generations. Plus, this is a great piece to show at your wedding reception (see below).

Musical Picture Montage

A great way to show your parallel lives as you grew up. Begin with baby pictures and continue through your courtship and engagement, and maybe even your honeymoon. All of this is professionally edited together, including superb graphics and set to your choice of music.

On Site Screening at Your Reception

Show your guests your Love Story or Picture Montage at your wedding reception. We will set up all the necessary equipment; screen, projector, speakers, etc. for the presentation. A great event to include immediately following dinner.

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