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Your life has a story…

And your wedding day is both the beginning and the end of a chapter. This special day is a snapshot in time filled with laughter, tears, love and emotion. Our job is to capture these moments and help you celebrate the story of your lives.

No Bridenapping?

As you’re probably aware, Mike Staff Productions has provided wedding services to thousands of brides. This experience has given us unique insight and has put us in touch with some issues that make or break a great wedding day. One important issue is that you should be available to your guests and able to enjoy yourself with your loved ones –┬ánot be handcuffed to the camera lens by a domineering photographer!

Unlike some wedding photographers, we are easy going and know how to get the shots you want without controlling your day. Our approach is unobtrusive. Mike Staff Productions’ photographers are experts at anticipating the unexpected and capturing human emotion in the photographic realm. This is a skill that comes from years of experience, formal education and more than anything, a love for the craft of wedding photography.

We’re careful to recognize what a big day it is to you and your loved ones. Yes, we’ll need your cooperation for a handful of traditional poses, but beyond that we’ll be working hard to get all the candid shots and special moments as they happen. The best wedding pictures are those that are taken spontaneously by a crafty and skilled photographer who was at the right place at the right time. The goal of our award winning photographers isn’t to simply capture what you looked like on your wedding day, but rather how you felt on your wedding day. That is the essence of photojournalism.

Home Field Advantage…

After 20 years of serving brides and grooms, there isn’t a location in southeast Michigan we haven’t been to. You can be assured we know the lay of the land at each location so you’ll get the best shots possible. This advantage is only acquired through experience and will have a giant impact on your finished album.

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