Winter Wedding Dates

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Summer weddings remain the most popular, but winter wedding dates are gaining. Here are some of the top reasons for their surge in popularity:

Wedding colors pop against the stark background. The soft pastels of spring and the color blasts of summer give way to jewel tones, black and white themes and reds. Winter wedding pictures pop against the black, whites and grays of the natural landscape.

Winter whites are the perfect setting for your photographs. The serenity of a winter day can make you the center of attention. Black and white Ansel Adams prints are popular for a reason – they pull in your focus! Additionally, the snow acts as a reflector, creating a soft glow in your images.

Winter weddings can be a budget saver for many reasons. Many venues and vendors will offer additional discounts when you select a winter wedding date. Many ceremony locations and venues will also be dressed for the holidays, allowing you to enhance already existing decorations – requiring less wedding budget too. Candlelight twinkle adds to the nostalgic feeling experienced during the winter and make for some inexpensive wedding reception centerpieces.

Winter weddings are often smaller, more intimate affairs. Some people are reluctant to travel during the holiday season. If you were looking for an easy way to pare down your guest list, the holidays can become a great way not to extend invitations to out of town or distant relations.

It is a reprieve from the winter blues. Everyone needs something to look forward to during the winter so having a wedding during this time makes it the social event of the season. Knowing the weather is chilly back home adds to the enjoyment of a tropical honeymoon too!

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