7 Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding Day

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Adding elements with a personal touch can make your wedding day a truly personal event. Today we have seven ideas on how to personalize your wedding day.

Write your own vows or wedding messages to each other. Writing your own vows or sentiments of love does not have to be a difficult task. Here are a few questions to answer that can help you start the theme of your vows.

  • When was the moment you knew you were in love?
  • What are your hopes for the future?
  • What promises will you make and keep?
  • What funny or personal vow could you make (I won’t complain when you watch football/The Bachelor, I won’t leave the toothpaste uncapped)?


Kids make everything cuter. The question to include children at your wedding reception is one every bride and groom face. No one can comment when those children are part of your bridal party. Up the cuteness factor on your wedding day by having many flower girls instead of just one.

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Give your guest something to remember. Guest favors are a great way to personalize your wedding day. Whether it’s a trip to a candy bar of your favorites, your favorite music on CD, or bottles of your homemade jam, don’t overlook guest favors as a way to put your personalities into your wedding day.


Add a pop of color. While most brides will wear white on their wedding day, you still have plenty of opportunities to inject your favorite colors. Your wedding shoes and bouquet may be the most obvious choices, but consider adding a colored sash for your wedding reception, colored jewels or hair accessories to add your signature color to your own look.


Music sets the mood. Work with your wedding DJ to create a playlist of your favorite music. This works extremely well during the cocktail hour and dinner. There are no rules that say you must play soft jazz during cocktail or dinner. Treat your guests to your favorite acoustic sets, 90’s tracks or your favorite love songs.


There is no such thing as standard wedding photography. Sure you’ll want to capture traditional family formals on your wedding day, but the possibilities for your wedding day photography are endless. Share your ideas with your wedding photographer to capture images that are perfectly you. Creating Pinterest boards of inspiration that you can share with your photographer are a great way to get the dialog started, but it’s important to remember not all the shots you love came from one wedding. Work with your photographer to identify what ones your timeline and environment allow for your wedding day.


Capture video messages. A great way to create a personal record of your wedding day is to capture video messages to each other on your wedding day. Your wedding videographer can also record messages from your guests on your wedding day.


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