Late Night Reception Snacks

While we’re pretty sure you realize we’re experts at being wedding DJs, photographers and videographers we are also experts on wedding SNACKS! Although not required, it has become very common to offer guests a late night snack at the wedding reception. Here are some popular choices.


Gourmet popcorn. Perfect for a casual or formal wedding reception, popcorn bars are a favorite among guests. Whether you buy bulk popcorn and offer a variety of flavoring options or go for extravagance and offer gourmet popcorn, guests are sure to enjoy popcorn for the late night snack. You can order personalized bags and cones, or DIY stamp brown bags with your new monogram.

Donuts and cider.
Perfect for an autumn wedding, cider and donut stations are a great late night snack that keeps the theme of your fall wedding.


Cookies and milk. For the kid in all of us, cookies and milk are a big hit late night. If you are inviting children to your wedding reception, they’ll appreciate this simple snack. Offering chocolate and strawberry syrups for the milk is another great touch.


Coffee bar. Coffees, cappuccinos and espressos will re-energize your guests to keep the party going to the last minute! Be sure to offer a decaf version too.


Candy buffet. Candy buffets are quite popular, with many couples using this as another opportunity to work in their wedding colors. Candy can be purchased in bulk and placed into your own variety of containers; don’t forget scoops for any loose candy. Who doesn’t like a trip to an open candy bar?!

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Soda bar. If your wedding has a retro theme, glass soda bottles are a perfect way to accent the event. Regional favorites are always a big hit. Pair it with vanilla ice cream for a soda float bar.


Pizza. After a night of dancing (and drinks) guests appreciate a little substance, so many couples opt for a late night pizza bar. Consider vegetarian and gluten restrictions of your guests if you decide on pizza snacks.


Pretzels. An assortment of toppings such as mustard, cheese and chocolate make a pretzel bar memorable. You can also offer a variety of both sweet and salty options.


Hot dog bar. Whether you serve Detroit coney dogs, or Chicago style sausage, hot dog bars are a fun snack at your wedding reception.


Cupcakes. If you like the tradition of a wedding cake, but still want to serve cupcakes at your wedding reception, your late night snack is another time to do so. This way you can have the best of both!


Ice cream. Your guests will be thrilled with a Sundae bar, or better yet, a custom created ice cream just for them!

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