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0775_081112_ShepardYour wedding has sadly come to an end — thankfully your memories live on through your professional wedding photos and video — but you’re not done yet. Remember you still have to write thank you notes to your guests. Don’t fret – these tips and thank you word samples will make this chore an easy wedding task.

What’s Expected

Wedding etiquette states that you should send each guest a handwritten note of thanks. You may choose to do so in a thank you card, on a postcard or in a letter. In general, guests will expect your thank you to arrive within two months of the wedding date.

Gifts vs. money

Your note should specify the gift, give thanks and share how you intend to use the item. If the gift was money, you do not have to specify the dollar amount, but again, you should indicate how you will spend the money – and not on paying for post wedding bills. The giver has presented you the gift of money for your life moving forward so the purpose of setting up your new home, down-payment on car or house, purchase of a BBQ, etc. would be more appropriate.

Gifts you dislike

Regardless of the gift, a thank you note is required. It is also frowned upon to request a return receipt. Most stores will give you a credit to exchange unwanted items.

Things to include

Your thank you note should include the name of the giver, the gift and how it will be used and your genuine thanks. You may also make mention of your appreciation of their extra help, long travel

What to write

Thank you to close relative or friend

Dearest Aunt Jane,

Thank you for the beautiful crystal candle holders.

Mike and I are looking forward to having them on our dinner table.

We hope that you and Uncle Joe will join us for a meal once we are settled into our new home.

It was such a pleasure to share our wedding day with you.



Thank you to an acquaintance

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Brown,

Thank you for the monogrammed towel set.

They are the perfect color to complement our new home.

It was wonderful to meet you at our reception, and we are glad that you were able to join us and our families.

We look forward to getting to know you better.

With Love,
Jared and Becky

Thank you for cash

Dear Uncle Kyle,

I want to thank you for your generous wedding gift. We plan on using it towards a deck for our new home. When it’s complete, we hope you can join us for a barbeque. It was fantastic to see you at the wedding, and Becky and I hope to see you soon.

With love,

Thank you for gift without attendance

Dear Samantha,

Thank you so much for the beautiful picture frame. It will be perfect for our wedding photo. I’m sorry you were unable to
attend the wedding as you were greatly missed. We hope to see you soon and share pictures from our wedding day.

With love,

Koop Thank You Front

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