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1246_20130518_Valente-EnhancedWhile wedding planning should be enjoyable, it comes with its fair share of stress too. One of the main sources of that stress can often be traced back to organization – or lack of. Use these tips to stay organized from yes to I do.

Get Organized! Appointment books, smart calendars and bridal planners are essential for a busy professional. Block out time for planning and prioritize what you will do when. If you need to speak with wedding professionals during the day, block out time during your lunch, commutes and during any downtime you have during the day. Color coding between professional and personal engagements will help you to better visualize how your time will be spent. For a copy of Metro Detroit’s ultimate wedding planner, click here.

Some things to include in your binder:

Go With What You Know! Do you use google docs and calendars to keep track of your daily tasks and important notes? Color code project files at work? Whatever method you are accustomed to using daily will work well for you as you plan your wedding.

Multitask! It would never be a good idea to address your wedding invitations during a department meeting, but you can do that during your lunch hour. Look for little pieces of time you can claim for simple tasks that won’t interfere with your work duties.

Create A Wedding Day Plan! You, and everyone involved in the success of your wedding plan, will be much happier with a wedding day plan. Your master agenda will give everyone the information they need to complete, as well as an overview of the entire day. Some things to include on your wedding day plan include:

  • Vendor set up schedule
  • Wedding party appointment times and locations
  • Photography plan
  • Start times for wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner service
  • Schedule of events for master of ceremonies
  • Vendor breakdown times
  • End of the night tasks

Make A List, Check It Twice! You can settle your week of the wedding nerves by taking one last look at your planning notes and reviewing the last minute details. You can see the finish line; all of the major decisions have been made, the details finalized and the anticipation builds. Here are a few things to remember as the big day approaches.

  • Review all contracts and check for changes
  • Complete final calls with vendors
  • Add setup, start times and cell phone numbers to the agenda
  • Distribute agenda to everyone involved in wedding day

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