Wedding Facts: The Wedding Ring

Nearly all married couples exchange wedding rings in western wedding ceremonies. Have you ever wondered why? We have the story behind the wedding ring and what you need to do with yours.

0807_20130622_Klick-EnhancedWedding ring trivia:

The history. Wedding rings were historically worn by women to indicate that she was the property of her husband. The wedding ring indicated that she was no longer available to potential suitors. Over time, the engagement ring became a a betrothal gift from a man to his bride to signify his ability to care for his future family. The size and the precious nature of the stone indicated his social and financial stature.

The engagement period. Pope Innocent III declared that there should be a waiting period between the engagement and the wedding. During this time, the bride could not wear the wedding band as it was to be used only for the wedding ceremony. To indicate that she was off the market, the engagement ring was born.

0150_20130622_Brock-EnhancedCaring for you ring:

Insurance. Your jeweler may offer replacement stone insurance, but that will not protect you in the case of loss, theft or damage. It is a good idea to get your ring appraised and insured as soon as possible. Most homeowner’s and renters insurance can add it to your existing policy for a nominal charge.

Proper Fit. Most showcase rings are size 6. Unless that is the perfect fit for you, ask your jeweler to fit the ring to your hand. Your ring may feel tight on warm days and loose on cold. When having your ring sized, give yourself time to adjust to the store temperature, you can use that extra time to look at jewelry for your wedding day look.

Proper Care. Some metals and stones require special care. Your jeweler can advise you on the best care practices for your engagement ring. A mild soap and water is usually sufficient to keep your ring sparkling. It is a good idea to remove your ring before putting on lotion, cleaning with harsh chemicals or other damaging activities. You can also ask about having the ring steamed and polished – especially before your wedding day!

Safekeeping. For the few times that you will remove your ring, keep it in a safe place. A jewelry box or bag, ring holder or any other place that it won’t get knocked over or misplaced. Next to the sink is not a good idea unless you have a plumber on speed dial.

Showing it off. As soon as you announce your engagement, people will ask to see the ring. Treat your self to a manicure so you can show with confidence!

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