Questions For A Wedding Florist

MikeStaffProductions1383_201300608_AmbrosioFlowers are a great way to add color, aroma, and life to your wedding photos. Unfortunately, they can also be a major budget buster. Don’t spend your planning sneezing away your time and money. Choose flowers that compliment your theme and color palette, or perhaps even the weather. Here are some questions to ask as you interview wedding florists:

Does the florist have a design philosophy? Be sure this fits with your style, theme, and personality.

Can you see photographs of their work or live floral arrangements? View their creations and compare them to what you are wanting.

How big is the shop, how many staff members, and who will work on your wedding? Make sure you feel comfortable with their numbers and people.

Do they have recommendations for the flowers available and appropriate at the time of your wedding, and suggestions about how to creatively work with this selection? This can keep prices lower and flowers fresher.

How can you maximize your options? Are there ways in which you can save money? Can your florist provide recommendations based on your budget? Make sure you communicate your budget. Bits and pieces really add up here.

Can the florist provide you with information about current wedding flower trends in the area, such as popular flowers, colors, and styles of bouquets and decorative pieces? This can help in your choice and planning.

Have they done weddings at your ceremony and reception sites before? Can they suggest appropriate arrangements for your venue, as well as how and where they should be placed? Ask to see pictures of arrangements done at your site.

Will the florist deliver flowers for your wedding, spend time at the site, and set up? Make sure you talk prices here as well.

How many weddings will the florist do on the same day/weekend as yours? Make sure you feel comfortable with this answer. Go with your gut.

Can the flowers be delivered to separate locations? (For example, centerpieces to the reception site, bouquets to the bride’s parents house?) This can be very convenient, and likely well worth any additional fees.

Does the florist offer rental items, like vases, potted plants, candelabras, or cake topper? This could be cost cutting versus buying new ones for only one day.

What is the substitution policy if your chosen flowers are not available on the day of your wedding? Do you have any input on the substitutions? Plan for the unexpected.

In what way does the florist ensure that your flowers will look fresh and beautiful on your wedding day? Do they mist, wrap, and/or protect flowers for delivery? Make sure you are comfortable with their answers.

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