What Do You Need Beyond A Wedding Dress?

Once you’ve found the perfect wedding dress, it’s time to accessorize your look. Here we’ll give you the rundown on completing your wedding day look.

MikeStaffProductions0071_080412_VickersHeadpieces and Veils:

Most veils are held in place on your head with a hidden comb. A headpiece is an additional accessory such as a tiara, headband, or wreath that can be worn alone or along with your veil. Tips for topping it all off:

Before shopping, decide on the hairstyle you will be wearing on your wedding day.

Your veil or headpiece should coordinate with your gown. The color, type of fabric or material, and adornments of sequins, beads, or crystals should all match those on your dress.

Keep it simple and flattering. Experiment with different proportions, sizes, and lengths to balance your overall look.

Remember that you will be moving around in your headpiece, not just standing still. Be sure that your choice is comfortable, allows you to move your head with ease, and that the veil can be removed after the ceremony.


Although white is still the most popular color, many brides are choosing various colors such as ivory, pale pink, blue and even metallics to keep their feet stylish. Tips for putting your best foot forward:

Choose shoes that will work with the style and circumstance of your wedding and venues.

Go for comfort as well as style. Focus on the simplicity and silhouette of the shoe.

In addition to classic satin, you can choose from a number of different materials, such as lace covered fabric that will complement your dress.

Remember that your wedding day is a long one, and that you will want to be dancing at the end of it. Comfortable shoes can ensure this! Break in your shoes a bit by wearing them around your home ahead of time, and gently scuff the soles to avoid slipping on carpets and polished floors. Another option is a fun pair of sneakers for the reception!

Choose natural materials that breathe to avoid sweating and blisters.

MikeStaffProductions0641_122812_Houghteling-After (Texture)Wraps:

If your wedding will take place during the cooler months you might need something to take the chill out of the air as you move between locations or venture outside for your Romantics photography session.

Many bridal salons offer fur or faux fur wraps in coordinating shades to wedding dresses.

Capes can be very stylish for a winter wedding.

Consider pashminas in your wedding colors for you and your bridal party.


Many brides choose to wear a family heirloom piece on their wedding day (and free is a great wedding budget saver).

If you like the idea of a statement piece, but are a bit timid about it, consider adding it for your wedding reception look.

Try your wedding jewelry with your dress during your final fitting. This will allow you to make adjustments if something isn’t working before the big day.

Often, the groom will present the bride with wedding day jewelry as a gift the day of the wedding.

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