Social Media and Your Wedding Day

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There is no denying the constant presence of social media, and weddings are no exception. Here are a few highlights as well as a few tips to hopefully give you the best union between your big day & social media (pun totally intended).

Weddings and Social MediaHashtags & pictures

Work with your photographer and communicate your vision ahead of time…generally people have strong feelings about the trend…either big fans or #notsomuch…. Either way, it is YOUR day, so do what you want and make your wishes known.

As with most things in life there is a potential upside & downside of social media at weddings; here are some thoughts to consider:


It is a great way to share & get tons of pictures that might have otherwise been missed…a truly unique perspective of your special day. The sheer volume of pictures can be a great addition to your professional photographers photographs (the average guest shares 22 pictures!) Allows guest to be interactive and invested in your day in at a much deeper level.


Possibly clogging up people’s news feed with lots of updates and photos. The pictures can be viewed by people not invited and are able to download by others. People could be distracted and not engaging in your wedding/reception- instead glued to their phones (this happens regardless of social media policy though).

Unplugged Weddings

Going low-tech is also an attractive option for many couples. Many professional photographers prefer this, so there are less cameras and amateur paparazzi, although well intentioned, fighting to get the most memorable/iconic shots.

The key to having a success in this area is making your wishes known and sticking to it, there is no need to apologize or compromise on this. Do you what you think is best for you as a couple.

And Finally, the do’s and don’ts for social media:


Your Engagement:

  • Let’s start with calling your parents & anyone else who should know about the engagement before you post anything…do you want grandma finding out via FB?
  • Post pictures of your engagement ring…duh! But maybe keep the details such a cost, carat size, etc. to yourself.
  • Create and share a proposal video, it allows people to get to see a different side of you as a couple.
  • Keep public posts positive, the planning process can be stressful; in the long run you may not want to use social media as a place to vent.
  • Create a private board for inspiration on Pinterest…since 70% of women were already pinning ideas for their wedding anyway, by now you should have tons of ideas.
  • Use wedding planning apps to help stay organized, on track & plan the wedding (89% of couples use some sort of app in the planning process)

The Wedding Day:

  • Be sure and have a hashtag for your wedding & reception (if you so choose!) and have it clearly visible for your guests (think a sign, put it on your invitations/save the dates/ your own personal social media, placed on tables or at the bar).
  • Or if you don’t want pictures posted, be sure and make that known to your guests.
  • Mark the locations of the wedding & reception sites on Google Maps for easy sharing, your guests will thank you!
  • Take some selfies…it’s your day!
  • Have a designated social media guru for the day – someone who will remember to take pictures, post a few cute things, and monitor what is going on.
  • If you have questions you can ask advice about wedding planning via social media.
  • Provide Wi-Fi for the duration of the event (ask the wedding & reception venue ahead of time).
  • Share a few “behind the scenes” video via Vine or Instagram.


  • Have bridesmaids/family members post pictures of you in your dress before the ceremony before- it could easily spoil the surprise!
  • Constantly update your status/check in, as a bride, during the wedding/reception.
  • Pick a crazy hashtag that no one can spell or understand or is super long.
  • GO OVERBOARD…people are excited for you, certainly, but they may not need or want to see every detail of the planning process and how taxing/ expensive it is. Over-sharing is awkward for the viewer and eventually the sharer, just don’t do it.
  • Go negative – Do your best to stay positive throughout the process and especially the day of.
  • And of course, there are a few etiquette lessons for those attending weddings as well; here are a few helpful thoughts.

As a guest:


  • Take lots of great pictures & use the preferred hashtag/social media app.
  • Respect and abide by the couple’s wishes- if they don’t want pictures posted then don’t do it!
  • Be sure your phone is on silent, no brainer, but there is always one person…don’t be that person.
  • Have fun and be engaged!


  • Get the way of the professional photographer.
  • Spend your time at the wedding/ reception glued to your phone on social media.
  • Post unflattering pictures (this includes pre-wedding activities- think bachelorette party…)

For the most part social media tips/rules aren’t too difficult- a little consideration and common sense goes a long way. Remember, technology is supposed to enhance and help our lives and social media can provide that in a number of ways for weddings.

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