Engagement Photos: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Engagement photos are a fabulous chance to get some informal images of you and your fiance. It also lets you relax and get to know your wedding photographer. This is a great opportunity to share your creative vision, practice some different poses, and get ready for close-ups on your wedding day.

1.Choose a Special Location

An engagement session is an expression of you, as a couple. Select a location that tells a story about the two of you. Consider choosing a theme for your session, maybe a season you love, or let your photographer guide you through the choices and offer suggestions.

There are many ideal locations for your engagement photos. Think about what “feel” you would like your images to have. Would you like an urban location or a scenic park? Is there somewhere special – maybe where you met or got engaged? Your photographer will be happy to suggest a location, if you have trouble deciding.

–Get ideas for photo locations in Detroit or Chicago by downloading our “Ultimate Photo Guide”—

2. Select Complementary Colors and Patterns

Select solid colors or simple patterns that complement each other. If one of you wears a solid color, the other would look great in a pattern. Softer shades enhance lighter backgrounds while medium to dark shades create a timeless look. Long-sleeved shirts are best, since short sleeves can be distracting and sleeveless tops can look too casual. If you decide to wear a sleeveless shirt, bring a sweater or jacket for some of the images to create different looks. Select accessories that do not overpower, such as simple earrings, pins and necklaces.

3. Simplify Props

Pinterest is full of ideas and props to use for your engagement session. While it can be fun to pin a lot to your inspiration board, it can be more challenging to incorporate them all into your engagement session. It’s a good idea to narrow down your choices and consider which ones will be easiest to haul around your shooting locations.

Chalkboards are a versatile prop for your session. They can help to save the date or share a message. Blankets and picnic baskets are perfect for a simple, romantic vibe. Hearts, flowers and other fun items can add a playful feeling to your engagement images. Complimentary (or competing) jerseys can share your love of your favorite team and work well if visiting stadium locations.

4. Amp Up Your Makeup

If your makeup artist for your wedding day offers a trial run of your wedding day look, consider doing so for your engagement session.

If you’ll be doing your own makeup, you may want to amp it up a bit. Playing up your eyes is great for photos so going a little heavier with your shadow or using false eyelashes can be a great look.

Glitter products and mineral wear makeup may reflect light in an unnatural way so you might want to use them minimally or not at all.

Lip gloss is great until you’re outside on a windy day. Choose your lip wear carefully.

5. Plan Ahead

You’ll probably do some walking. A pair of flip flops is perfect to wear between locations; you can slip on your heels before photography starts. Bring a bottle of water. It’s important to stay hydrated. If you plan to include your pet, bring a dog handler with you. Let your photographer know any props you will be bringing to the engagement session so they can plan accordingly.

What Should We Do With Our Engagement Photos?

  • Create a wall mural at your wedding reception
  • Customize your wedding cake with edible prints
  • Personalize your table numbers
  • Create a customized guest book
  • Design your own postage stamp
  • Save the date or wedding invitations

Need Some Ideas? Below are some great wedding engagement sessions from Michigan and Chicago:

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