Wedding Photography Styles

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Choosing your wedding photographer is ultimately a style decision, just like your wedding colors and wedding theme. To make sure that you are choosing a photographer that captures your unique vision, you need to best understand your wedding photography style.

How will you know your wedding photography style?  Our guide below will lead you down the right path, offering descriptions and images for some of today’s most popular photography styles.

Wedding Photography Styles:

1. Photojournalistic

A wedding photographer that specializes in photojournalistic wedding photos will not showcase many posed photos in their wedding galleries, instead showing more candid or spontaneous pictures of your wedding day. While you are likely to get great images of details and locations, you won’t receive as many, or possibly any, set up shots. When looking at a photojournalist’s work, it is a good idea to view a full wedding album to see how these images are used to tell a story. If family formals or portraits are high on your wish list, you’ll want to ask how these will be captured.

2. Traditional

A traditional wedding photographer or videographer will provide you with well-lit, classic wedding portraits. The majority of their work will feature posed images of the couple and their families. The traditional photographer may capture fewer wedding day details, focusing more on traditional images of the people at your wedding. Traditional wedding photography will also provide fewer candid moments.

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3. Artistic

Artistic photography will often showcase images shot from unique angles, composed with tilted frames or objects in focus while others are not. Artistic shooters will often use lighting to create drama in their images. Often an artistic shooter will concentrate on the unique elements of your day, and not document the family affair that your wedding day is, in the process of creating fine art. This style often requires a significant amount of post production to create the final image, so its important to make sure those services are included.

4. Stylized

Stylized wedding photography blends the storytelling elements of photojournalism with elements of traditional photography. Images often have an artistic nature, using blurred backgrounds, different levels of focus and a variety of angles. The stylized shooter will create the environment for your natural emotion and personalities to be reflected and provide coaching to look your best without creating overdosed photographs. Many couples prefer a stylized approach.

What is your photography and videography style?  At Mike Staff Productions, you get to choose your wedding photographer based on your unique style. Set up time with us to see the variety of styles that are a part of the Mike Staff team.

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