When to Get Married: Pros & Cons for Each Season

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There are benefits and drawbacks to every choice, and choosing a time of year to get married is no different. Which season you select, determines what decor you choose from and ultimately how your wedding photos and video will look. But at the end of the day, your wedding will be great – no matter the season.  The following list is meant to help you as you plan.

A few things to keep in mind as you begin:

  • Attendance will be determined by a few factors. Ultimately, the earlier you can get the date and information to your guests, the more they are able to plan for your wedding, instead of having to rearrange schedules.

  • Living in the Midwest means that unpredictable weather is part of the deal. There is a level of this in every season, it is just reality.

Winter (December to February)


  • Less busy, may have more flexibility with choice of venue and (possibly) lower price.

  • There are fewer weddings in the winter, so your wedding will be a standout right off the bat!


  • Potential chaos of the holiday season – with parties, travel and budgets, it is a reality to consider.

  • Unpredictable weather can make traveling a little tricky and costly (again, due to the holidays).

Spring (March to May)


  • Many beautiful flowers available and in season, possibly allowing for lower pricing.

  • This is the very start of “wedding season” so you could be on the front end instead of in the middle of the pack.


  • Potential allergies for you or your guests, especially if an outdoor ceremony or reception are planned.

  • Again, finicky weather. It could be 35 degrees or 80 degrees, that’s part of the fun of living in the Midwest. #adventure

  • Be sure to avoid holidays and school breaks/ activities (Easter, spring break, graduation).

Summer (June – August)


  • People may have more free time/vacation time available, allowing for more flexibility than usual.

  • Great time for outdoor ceremonies (beautiful lighting and longer days)


  • It is already wedding season and people may have several weddings to attend in a short amount of time.

  • Vacations/trips may already be scheduled and difficult to change.

  • The weather could be very hot and/or rainy.

Fall (September to November)


  • Generally the fall is not as popular as spring or summer, so vendors may be more attentive and more people may be able to attend.

  • The beauty of changing leaves/ fall scenery can be worked into your color scheme or wedding.

  • You can have a lot of fun with the menu or favors, using what autumn is known for (cider, warm doughnuts, soup, etc.)


  • School is back in session so the relaxed schedule of summer is gone.  Parents with school-aged kids may have a more difficult time if they need to travel and find childcare or take their children out of school.

  • Keep in mind the time change as you are planning. If you are planning to have outdoor pictures,  you may need bump up the time of ceremony or do them beforehand.

  • Holidays and football games. These are not a deal breaker, but it is good to know if there may a conflict. And if there is a big football game, your guests may appreciate having the game on at the reception before you arrive.

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