Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Etiquette

Planning a wedding and all it entails requires a fair amount of etiquette. Here are some broad strokes and a few finer details that can help navigate these (could-be) tricky waters and figure out what’s really important for your wedding.

  • Announcing your engagement. Be sure and take your time and make sure your family and close friends know before you take your good news to social media. You won’t regret starting this off slower rather than being hasty.
  • Include your wedding location (city & state) on the Save-The-Date card. You don’t need to the exact venue address, but this allows for guests to make travel arrangements if needed.
  • Be clear about who is invited to what. If you don’t want kids to be at your reception, spell it out (kindly). People who are married or engaged are invited together, and then you have the option for the plus one for your single friends. Again, be clear and be consistent.
  • When it comes to the bar, go for quality over quantity. If you can’t swing doing an open bar, maybe consider offering beer, wine and a signature cocktail. Your guests will appreciate not having to open up their wallet for a cash bar.
  • Greet your guests. If you don’t do a receiving line, then plan on greeting your guests at the reception. Plan on taking some time to make sure you do it and enjoy it. Have a plan and work your way around the room, your guests will love it!
  • Feed your vendors. Ask your venue if they offer a discount on vendor meals, many do. But it is a reasonable expectation that you will provide a meal for the photographer(s), DJ, band, videographer, bar tender and any other on-site vendor.
  • Send thank you notes. Handwritten, personal thank you notes should be written as quickly after the wedding as possible. Here is some sample thank you note writing.

Interested in adding in social media? Here’s an article that discusses social media etiquette for weddings.

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