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The cost of a wedding can add up quickly with the venue, photography, invitations, reception entertainment and hundreds of endless details in between. Before taking out a wedding mortgage or going over budget, check out list of ways to save money you dream and plan for your big day.

  • Are you or your fiancé part of the military? You might have access to a community venue.
  • There are many colleges that offer discounts to their alumni to get married and have their reception on campus.
  • Look into getting married on a Friday or Sunday.
  • Look into getting married in the “off-season” from October-May for some serious discounts and increased vendor availability.
  • Keep your guest list on the smaller side.
  • Let your guests toast with whatever they are already drinking rather than having champagne.
  • If you have wine, negotiate about corkage fees (which usually range between $10-$25). Also, check to see if you can bring in your own wine.
  • Have a graphic artist design your invitations and thank you notes and then print them at home.
  • Have a big chalkboard or information on screens rather than individual programs.
  • Don’t do favors, or if you want to do favors- don’t overdo it. People don’t need or expect them and it can save a lot of money if you decide to forgo.
  • Choose your flowers wisely…Work with your florist to choose flowers that can be bouquets, but also easily made into centerpieces and arrangements when they are done being used in the ceremony.
  • Get creative with dessert. If you decide to go smaller for the cake that will save money. And then you could offer some local treats from a bakery that not only is charming and can make a beautiful dessert table, but your guests can exactly what they want.
  • Don’t waste! Any leftover desserts could be wrapped up in a cute box and you have instant, delicious desserts! Yum!
  • Watch out for hidden costs! Be thorough and wise when you are working with your vendors and reviewing contracts. And don’t forget about tips!

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