Fun Ways To Incorporate “Mr. & Mrs”

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Your wedding day is truly a time for you to let your personality and creative flair show and a fun way to do this is to incorporate Mr. & Mrs. into various preparations before the day and the day of your wedding. Here are some ideas from our wedding photographers where you can include the fun Mr. & Mrs. wedding signage, whether it’s a big part of your theme or a small decoration.

The Engagement Pictures

0004_20131003__Dwyer_edited.jpgIt may seem a bit premature, but you can totally use a sign or make t-shirts that say future Mr. & Mrs. for your engagement photos. Your upcoming marriage goes beyond a name change, but it is a big part of becoming husband and wife – especially with all the paperwork you will have to update! Everyone is excited for you and will happily share in your excitement during your engagement.


Bridal Showers

The same banner and sign can be used as decor at your bridal showers as a backdrop as you open your gifts. This will be a fun way to reuse a piece throughout each step of your engagement and wedding day. You can also hang the sign in your home after your wedding day!



The Wedding Pictures

Using the Mr. & Mrs. during your wedding pictures is a great place to showcase it. It will have staying power since you will have your pictures on display and they will be around forever, literally.



DIY Decor

One trend right now are handmade wooden signs with Mr. & Mrs. written on them. These are great because you can make them together as a couple, display them at the reception, then they can be used in your home. Depending on the size, you could hang them on the wall or even use them as a headboard.

0835_150717_Zastrow-E_edited.jpg   0702_151009_Kemp_edited.jpg


Sign on the Chairs at the Head Table

A popular trend is to have a banner type sign on the back of the bride and grooms chair. This makes for great photos and sets a very sweet tone.

0606_20130511_Fryer_edited.jpg   1239_072812_Hamilton_edited.jpg



Whether a wine glass or a Mason jar is more your style, you can include your new married status. Set it on the head table for so your guests can enjoy seeing it to!



On the Tables

Include a Mr. & Mrs. table sign as part of the centerpieces on the head table or guest tables.

0940_141221_Webb_edited.jpg 1506_123112_Zolner_edited.jpg

Sign In Canvas

Another DIY! Having a handwritten Mr. & Mrs. on a blank canvas that people can sign in on and write their well wishes not only is fun for the reception, but it also makes a sentimental keepsake for you that you can appreciate for years to come.

0570_150627_Wright-E_copy.jpg   0677_150530_Pugh-E_editedjpg.jpeg

On The Cake

Cake toppers are easy to find and allow for all kinds of personalization and a variety of styles. Everyone will see it and it makes for great pictures by itself and while you are cutting the cake. 

Special Details

There are many other ways to incorporate Mr. & Mrs., from the bottoms of your shoes, inside of a shirt sleeve, cufflinks and even tattoos. Have fun and dream together as a couple!  

 Embrace your new title as husband and wife and enjoy planning ways to include it on your wedding day. Remember this is not only a trend, but something you will always treasure as you look through your wedding photos. Photographers from Mike Staff Productions can help bring the Mr. & Mrs. theme to life in your photos and provide more ideas of how to incorporate it into your engagement and wedding photos! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for daily wedding tips and inspiration!

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