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Let’s Meet: Erik Hodge, Sales Consultant, Wedding DJ Extraordinaire

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Why He’s Awesome:

Played guitar in a band called “Proving Ground”. They thought they’d be as big as the Beatles.  Never happened.

Lover of all music (except Jazz)

Currently binge-watching Shameless and House of Cards

Proud father and faithful husband

Erik in 60 Seconds:

Get to Know Erik 1 on 1:

What do you love about working with couples on their wedding day as a DJ?

Erik: Being a DJ and working with couples on their wedding day provides instant gratification. Everyone is out on the dance floor, partying, having the time of their lives and I get to be a part of that, it’s an honor, really. Something the DJ’s at Mike Staff Productions take pride in, the coordination side of things, the introductions, working with the vendors, keeping the day on track. It’s just fun when the crowd is rockin’ and I get  awesome requests. One time a groom wanted a Slayer song. I mean he’s the groom — I’m going to play it!

How do you prepare before DJing a wedding?

Erik: I’ve been DJing for 16 years and it never gets old! I never want to overlook a single detail so, I like to prepare what I need one week in advance.  As soon as I’m off the phone with the bride or the groom, I like to finalize everything while it’s fresh in my mind.  I load up my equipment a day early, look over all of my music and then do it again. Routine is everything.

When did you fall in love with the world of music?

Erik: Music has always been a part of my life but my Junior High years is when it became a big influence. I started playing instruments in those years and I just loved it. I got some friends together and we started a band. When we actually played gigs we were called “Proving Ground”. We thought it had a cool metro Detroit, Motor City feel to it and that was important to us to stay true to our roots. My love for music brought me to world of radio, I worked at 101.1 WRIF for a few years and went from there to Mike Staff Productions and I couldn’t be happier

Final song of the night — what’s always a wedding winner?

Erik: The final song at a reception always depends on what the guests are cheering for, it’s always different and that’s exciting to me!  Here’s a story, I did learn something from one wedding… The reception was ending, I played a fast, upbeat song to end the night, I said “thank you, goodnight” and the mother of the bride came up and requested a slow song to end the reception, I started thinking, ‘Yeah, this makes sense’! The whole point of the last song is to bring everyone out on the dance floor and  have them join the bride and groom. I was totally happy to play her request and everyone was hugging and high fiving me at the end of the night! So, again, it depends on the crowd, but I’ve learned ending on a slow song can put an exclamation point on the end of the night.

What’s your approach towards serving people on the sales consulting side of Mike Staff Productions?

Erik: It’s all about empowering couples  with knowledge. Couples aren’t used to hiring DJ’s, Photographers, Videographers or buying uplighting packages, so I want to make sure they  know what a reputable company (like Mike Staff Productions) should be offering. I love sitting down with couples and learning about their wedding day vision. I always ask what they’re looking for, what they want, what their expectations are. We have have great tools to help guide clients, too – like video profiles of all of our DJ’s and Photographers, so they get to choose them, how cool is that?  Ultimately, I just want brides and grooms to walk away knowing they can trust us with the most important day of their lives.

There are so many beautiful places to say ‘I do’ in Michigan – what are some of your favorite landmarks or venues?

Erik: A lot of the places in Detroit are just down right special because of the architecture. There’s definitely a unique factor Downtown that can make for stunning photo and video opportunities.   Couples can’t ever go wrong with a classic like Villa Penna. But if we’re talking cool-factor, there’s a place called Brown Bridge in Traverse City, kind of like an indoor, outdoor mix. There’s just a sweet looking wall, lots of little ponds with neat bridges going over them. It’s just a cool place.

Tell me about your wedding?

Erik: We got married March 8th, 2008 and it snowed 3 ½ inches overnight and into the morning of our wedding day. It was just green grass and sunshine the day before. My photographer was like “Oooookay, this changes our plan”. Everything was buried in snow, it all looked the same everywhere we went. Mother Nature trumps all but we made it work and it was such an amazing day.

Come back next time! You’ll meet: Chris Ziemann, Director of Photography

About MSP:

Our company started with a few DJs in a basement, meeting over pizza & beer. That grew into a few more DJs, throw in some creative photographers, add a couple passionate videographers — and Mike Staff Productions — an award winning wedding company —  was born.

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