Get to Know Kurt Colone: Mike Staff Productions

Let’s Meet: Kurt Colone, Vice President of Sales & Director of Entertainment

Why He’s Awesome:

  • He serenades the office with his guitar playing skills (and takes requests!) 
  • He worked at 101.1 WRIF, in fact, Mike Staff helped him get the job! (They’ve been friends & partners ever since)
  • University of Michigan Football SUPER FAN (bleeds maize & blue!)
  • His hairstyles are ever changing
  • Can help you find the best DJ for your wedding

Get to Know Kurt 1 on 1: 

How did you and Mike Staff build your relationship as friends and co-workers?

Kurt: Let’s go back to the early 2000’s. I was in college at Eastern Michigan at the time and I knew I wanted to do something in radio. I immediately turned to WRIF’s website and looked through pictures of their on-air staff and thought Mike would be willing to answer some of my questions. I simply emailed him, explained my interest in media to see if he could provide any guidance. Literally, four minutes later Mike called me and we started talking. He was so positive and encouraging and actually invited me to the radio station. At the time, Mike needed a DJ assistant and after we met, I got the job and started working with him at 101.1 the next day. The rest is history. 

How did you and Mike make the transition from rock radio to the wedding industry? 

Kurt: No matter what job I had, whether I was a dishwasher, DJ or the Vice President of a company, I gave that job everything I had. I really feel where I am supposed to be. My career at Mike Staff Productions allows me to do the things I love everyday. I love working with and meeting new people, which I get to do daily. This position keeps me on toes and keeps me challenged because we’re providing services for people on the biggest days of their life and you want it go perfect. I love team work, I love being creative and I love working in my local community. I found all of those things in weddings. Mike has been such a great mentor and has helped guide me and we took this business one day at time from the ground up and I couldn’t be more proud of what Mike Staff Productions has grown into.

Being The Vice President of Sales & Director of Entertainment is kind of a big deal lol, tell us about your responsibilities and how you’re able to spot the best of the best when it comes to wedding DJs?

Kurt: One of the biggest parts of my job is to recruit professional wedding DJs so brides don’t have to do all the stressful work it requires — and trust me it’s a lot of work and takes an exhausting amount of time! There are so many specific characteristics and values that go into being a remarkable wedding DJ. As a wedding DJ myself and after being in this industry for 20 years I can spot when people are genuine and when they’re fake in the first five minutes of talking with them. The wedding DJs we look for have to have leadership skills, patience, charisma and someone who thinks. No one is going to pull the wool over my eyes – which is why our couples can TRUST our team. We pick the best of the best.

How did working at WRIF help shape your skills as a professional wedding DJ?

They expect greatness at WRIF. When I worked there, Detroit was a Top 10 market and I was surrounded by the best radio talent in Michigan. I became immersed in their culture. I watched how some of the biggest names, Anne Carlini, Arthur Penhallow and Doug Podell, carried themselves. Whether it was addressing a room of people or speaking on the radio. They taught me how to provide entertainment without being the entertainment. Which is a huge value we have at Mike Staff Productions. You’re never going to get cheesy or corny or silly – being a wedding DJ is a professional career and we treat it with the respect the position deserves. 

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

We had our wedding at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth and it was just beautiful. I had great relationships with the people that worked there, the church means so much to me, I just felt so comfortable and that was important. Some of details of the day I loved was hanging out in the hotel room with my buddies before Brandi and I got married. That was a once in a lifetime experience with my best friends. I love the hindsight of my wedding. Without my wedding I wouldn’t have my kids, my wife, the life I live. I feel like I appreciate my wedding more now. I look back on my achievements and accomplishments over the last 10 years and a lot of them started on November 29, 2008.

I also love watching my wedding video years later. There’s something special about looking at your life through someone else’s eyes. It made me appreciate the skill set it requires to capture memories and being able to relive that day over and over is a gift.

About Mike Staff Productions: 

Our company started with a few DJs in a basement, meeting over pizza & beer. That grew into a few more DJs, throw in some creative photographers, add a couple passionate videographers — and Mike Staff Productions — an award winning wedding company —  was born.

Mike Staff Productions is here to help with any of your wedding planning questions so feel free to give us a call (877.689.0777) or drop us a line at [email protected]

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