Wedding Venue Spotlight: Meadow Brook Hall

Want a wedding full of rich, Michigan history? Meadow Brook Hall is your venue.

Imagine your wedding day; a private event, inside of a historic home. Not just any home, an 88,000 square foot estate in the heart of Rochester. Picture your guests, in their gowns and suits, touring this character filled home with a glass of champagne in their hands. Roaming the rooms and hallways once filled with the laughter, voices and memories of the legendary Dodge family before your reception begins. How romantic!

Meadow Brook Hall not only plays an important role in our metro Detroit history but it can play the main role on your wedding day!

This historic home was built by Matilda Dodge Wilson, the widow of auto pioneer John Dodge, and her second husband, Alfred Wilson. Constructed between 1926 and 1929, it included 1,500 acres, numerous farm buildings, recreational facilities, several residences and formal gardens. The rich Meadow Brook history spans from its origins with the Dodge and Wilson families to the founding of Meadow Brook Hall and Oakland University today.

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When Matilda Dodge Wilson built Meadow Brook Hall, she built it to entertain heads of state, captains of industry, and leaders of the social world. She personally supervised every detail of its construction and décor to make sure it would not disappoint.

WATCH: Behind the Scenes at Meadow Brook Hall

When our team from Mike Staff Productions toured the venue, we could attest that the current staff at Meadow Brook Hall upholds the same standards today. It was stunning.

From a complimentary ‘day of’ wedding coordinator, to four star dining, even a tour of the home for your guests during cocktail hour – Meadow Brook ensures every part of your wedding day is top-notch. Please tell me you’ve seen their gorgeous tent for large outdoor weddings? It’s MAGICAL!

Videography at Meadow Brook Hall

The truth is, your wedding will be over before you know it. At the very least, you’ll likely be a bit distracted that day. You might have beautiful moments slip under your radar. Cute moments, too. And hilarious ones. Maybe even stuff-of-family-legends ones. Your videographer will catch them all. A wedding video is not a “splurge.” It’s an heirloom you’ll watch every anniversary. (And it’s more affordable than you think!)

The Wedding of Marianna and Nick

The Wedding of Stephanie and Austen

The Wedding of Tayla and Justin

The Wedding of Deanna and Landis

Wedding Photography at Meadow Brook Hall

Your wedding day should feel like you. At Mike Staff Productions, we’ll help you choose a wedding photographer who can bring your vision to life and one that knows their way around your wedding venue with confidence.

Our photographers know the grounds of Meadow Brook Hall like the back of their hand. They’ll be able to suggest some of the best spots for photography and videography options.

How to Hire a Trusted Wedding Team

Trust & care are two things that should be non-negotiable between you and your wedding photographer. Your wedding photos last forever — and there’s one chance to capture those special moments, including the ones you missed. So why risk that by not being 100% confident that you hired the right person?

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