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All of us at Mike Staff Productions have been *waiting* (somewhat impatiently) to make this announcement: We are now offering the use of video drones to our couples!!!! Talk about taking your wedding video to new heights…. Get it? Ok, that was cheesy!

We truly want your love story captured from every angle and this stunning aerial videography allows us to do just that! Our cameras in the sky produce beautiful, cinematic aerial shots which will only enhance your videography experience. Our drones, operated by expert pilots, offer a unique view of your wedding from above that no one gets to see.

While we could talk about how beautiful it is all day, you truly have to see how these cameras in the sky give your wedding video that WOW factor! This drone demo shows all of the different shots, angles and ways our drone cameras can film your wedding day from this rare perspective.

WATCH: Aerial Videography in Action

Mike Staff Productions Aerial Videography: How It Works

So, now you might be asking how do you get this on your wedding day?

Our video drones are a Videography add-on. So if you’ve already booked Videography services with us or plan to, you’ll have access to our cameras in the sky.

What you get:

  • 1-6 minutes used in full video
  • Not available outside metro Detroit
  • Types of shots that are included:
    • Big pans
    • Romantics setup
    • Venue details
    • Outside only

Something to keep in mind, venues have to give permission to use drones in their airspace but the Mike Staff Productions team will do the leg work for you. We will make the call to your wedding venue and get the those details squared away. We are offering this video add-on at the introductory rate of $1000.

To learn more about our Aerial Videography, contact us! Feel free to give us a call (877.689.0777) or drop us a line at [email protected].

Finally, here is a preview of what your final wedding highlight video would look with aerial videography sprinkled throughout! (This is just a little snippet, your highlight video would be much longer!) Remember, it’s more than just a wedding video, it’s the first day of forever.

We Make Weddings Last Forever from Mike Staff Productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

Drone Playlist (Yep! LOL)

We’re SO excited about this new service, Mike Staff Productions DJs put together a Spotify Playlist celebrating all things that ‘FLY’! Why not? Enjoy


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