Don’t Want a Wedding Video? Neither Did These Brides…

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What are your doubts about getting a wedding video?  

  • It’s too expensive?
  • You’ll never watch it?
  • You don’t want a camera in your face all day?

That’s what these brides thought, too at first. Read more to learn why they changed their minds and why they are SO happy they did.

 WATCH: What Were Your Doubts About Getting a Wedding Video?

What were your doubts about getting video? from Happy Videos on Vimeo.

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4 Reasons To Get a Wedding a Video 

You can’t be everywhere, yet you don’t want to miss a thing on your wedding day. Here are 4 elements of your wedding you most definitely want to experience over and over again.  


While technically you won’t miss your vows (since you’ll be the one reciting them haha) the moment is typically a blur, therefore remembering the words and emotions exactly how it happened is slim to none. Your vows are the words that narrate the beginning of your love story. While pictures of your ceremony are crucial, they just can’t capture the emotion in your voice as you pledge your vows of commitment to one another. This is something you’ll want to relive.


You are creating a living family record. Years later, you will be able to look back at those loved ones who are no longer with you but were there when you got married! You’ll be able to hear their voices again, see them laugh again, watch them alive and happy. This is truly priceless.


You’ve seen the photos where the bride is sneaks up behind the groom, while he’s chomping at the bit to see what his soon-to-be wife looks like! (Let’s face it, all brides spend hours getting ready!) But experiencing that moment through video is an instant tearjerker.

4. YOUR vision

You spent so much time planning the perfect decorations for your reception. Carefully selecting the perfect centerpieces, place settings, card table, sign-in area, etc. Think about it, will you get the chance to see it before the guests entered the room? Make sure when the wedding is done and over that you’re not wishing you could have seen how it looked without our family and friends, and their reactions as they entered and got settled. Just hire a videographer!

BONUS: Wedding Videography Highlight Reel

Mike Staff Productions Videography Reel from Mike Staff Productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

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