Save The Date Card Ideas

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Consider your ‘Save the Date’ card the invitation before the invitation.

So what are the benefits?

  • Announce your wedding date in advance
  • Provide general location
  • Let guests know that a formal invitation will follow (and that they made the cut)
  • Allows guests to plan head

But it is one more thing you need to design and check off your (already lengthy) to-do list. The Mike Staff Productions team is here to help with ideas and tips!

Do you have to send out Save The Dates?

Of course you don’t have to – your wedding, your rules! BUT it is highly recommended.

Sending out these cards gives your allows your guests to plan ahead, check their calendars and mark down your wedding date so they will will available to attend! This is especially important if you’re having a destination wedding, if your wedding requires some type of travel or if your wedding is on or close to a holiday weekend. Sending the basic wedding info early to your guests is a courtesy so they can request time off of work, book a baby sitter, make travel arrangements etc.

Bottom line: save the dates will increase the chances that your guests will be able to attend your wedding celebration.

When Should You Mail Save The Dates?

The general rule is that Save the Dates should be sent out about six months prior to the date of your wedding (at the latest). There’s no harm in sending them out a little earlier, too. Say eight months to even a year prior, again, especially if you’re having a destination wedding or getting married on or close to a holiday weekend.

4 Things to Include on Your Save The Date

  • Your Exact Wedding Date: Guests can then mark their calendars! 
  • Wedding Location: Include the city and state of where your wedding will be held, if possible. This is helpful for guests to get a general idea of travel requirements.
  • Your Names: Seems like a ‘no brainer’ but don’t forget your names! Especially if some of your guests haven’t met your fiance yet. 
  • Wedding Website:  If you have a wedding website, add it to the save the date. There’s a reason why you made one int he first – it acts as a hub for all things about your wedding; bridal party, love story, reception info, wedding registry! 

Designing Your Save The Dates

This is the fun part! Show off you are as a couple and jazz up your save the date cards to show off your personality! This is the announcement of your wedding – make it fun and exciting. Don’t worry too much about it ‘matching’ your future invites, you may not even know what colors or decor details you like! 

Watch: Finding Your Photography Style

Did you take engagement photos

Having an engagement session is a great way to get a ‘trial run’ in front of the camera and a great way to get to know your photographer. This is also a great way for the photographers to get to know you and learn about what you are comfortable with to help them photograph you in your most realistic style on your wedding day. Thinking of booking with Mike Staff Productions Productions? We can take your engagement photos AND help design your Save the Date! One stop shop! 

When you get your engagement photos back, pick your favorite and show it off on your Save the Date! 

Maybe you focus on your gorgeous engagement ring….

Your shared love of football…

Your dreams to be selected into Gryffindor House (where are my Harry Potter peeps at?)…

or just a beautiful photo declaring your love!

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